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George Eid

Beirut, Lebanon
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About George
George Eid is a Senior correspondent/ Media Trainer based between dubai and Beirut.

 A Multilingual( Arabic, English, French, German, Greek) correspondent, anchor and Documentary producer, worked for several outlets including, Voice of Lebanon and Sky News Arabia (Abu Dhabi). Currently the Head of News Operations/ Senior Correspondent at MTV Lebanon news. He is also the middle east correspondent of the 75 years old English Newspaper Cyprus Mail since August 2020.
He Reported on several humanitarian and sociopolitical issues and was known to tackle taboo and delicate subjects. Eid was among the first teams to enter Aleppo as a reporter with Sky news Arabia in 2012 to cover the Syrian war from a humanitarian perspective. Holder of a Master's degree in marketing media and management from Sorbonne IV in 2014.  
A university lecturer at Notre Dame university, USJ, ALAC in addition to being a coach and trainer/consultant in communication/media/personal branding and journalism.  The producer of the first documentary about the Greeks of Lebanon Kalimera Men Beirut,[1] which was first shown in March 2017 and was selected for screening in 8 International festival. Earning the 1st prize in Amorgos Film Festival.
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Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment

Israel and Lebanon begin effort to resolve longstanding dispute

14 Oct 2020  |  Voice of America
Lebanon and Israel engaged in negotiations on Wednesday to address a longstanding maritime boundary dispute, with the United States facilitating the talks as a mediator. The article also includes a feature on the current situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, providing insights into the daily lives of the people in the region. Additionally, the report examines the growth of a specific business sector in South Korea, which has seen expansion due to the effects of the global pandemic.

Lebanese investors moving to Cyprus ... (25/09/2020)

South of Lebanon Explosion- George Eid reports to Voice of America And the latest on an explosion that rocked a Hezbollah site in Lebanon. (22/09/2020) Full Version : https://www.voanews.com/episode/united-nations-general-assembly-high-level-debate-begins

Cookies Policy

06 Sep 2020  |  Cyprus Mail
The article explains the use of cookies on the Cyprus Mail website. It details the purpose of cookies, which is to improve user experience by enabling website functionality such as form submissions and remembering user preferences. The article categorizes cookies into strictly necessary, functionality, and analytical/navigation cookies, and explains the role of each type. It also mentions the use of third-party cookies, specifically Google Analytics, for tracking website usage and improving content. The article advises that disabling cookies may impair website functionality and provides guidance on how to disable cookies in browser settings. It concludes by stating that by using the site, users consent to the use of cookies, and offers contact information for further queries.

CYPRUS MAIL ARTICLE - As their middle east correspondent based in Beirut

Ο George Eid για την επόμενη μέρα στη Βηρυτό μετά την έκρηξη | Καλοκαίρι #not 18/8/2020 | Open News

Reporting for Voice of America - VOA Radio - Washington on the situation in Beirut 18/08/2020

Reporting for Voice of America - VOA Radio - Washington on the situation in Beirut 14/08/2020 Full episode here: https://www.voanews.com/episode/trump-secures-foreign-policy-win-impact-unknown-4372831

Reporting for Voice of America - VOA - USA from Beirut 07/08/2020

Reporting for Voice of America - USA Beirut port explosion 6/7/2020

αναφορές για ANT1 τηλεόραση Ελλάδα Reporting live for Greece's number one channel ANT1...🇬🇷

Saida clashes Lebanon 2013 - SKY NEWS ARABIA

Report about the tension between turkey and Greece 2020 MTV Lebanon

A report about the conversion of Hagia Sofia into a mosque by the turkish president 2020

Covering the syrian war from Aleppo 2012 with SKY NEWS ARABIA

Covering the US elections. Las Vegas, Nevada 2012 with SKY NEWS ARABIA

Covering the US elections from Las Vegas -Nevada 2012 with SKY NEWS ARABIA


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