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George Eliason is a journalist based in Roven'ky, Luhans'ka oblast, Ukraine. In 2014, I was the only journalist to go across the entire region doing invasive passport and weapons checks on the militias fighting here. 
From early 2014 I broke most of the important stories from the region. I scooped the world on the start of the conflict and had articles in print before Russian or other Western media sources had time to react to what was going on.  I did the first English interview with Prizrak commander Alexey Mozgovoy in 2014.

I write a lot of in-depth analysis and get cited by academics. Some of my articles have been reprinted in academic resources and by NGO's concerned with the region. My articles have been featured in media from both sides of the conflict. 
I've done interviews with the BBC, Press TV, RT, and others about the war. 
I am currently set up for video work.




This article details the impact of emigre voting blocs on US elections and how they organize to maximize the effect.


This article details what actually happened with the failed Turkish coup. It shows how much political weight Gulen's followers have in Washington DC and questions giving foreign agents that amount of access.


The article details the modern history of Ukraine from 1991 as it relates to NATO expansion using new documents that have just been released by the George HW Bush library. It shows clearly through Ukrainian academics what Ukraine is and is not in 2016.


The article takes an in-depth look the role of emigre voting blocs and foreign countries in US elections. It also shows the support the Clinton presidency gave to extreme factions in return for votes and donations.

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