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George Philipas

Johannesburg, South Africa
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About George
George Philipas is a journalist based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Currently traveling through Lesotho, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and DRC between September 2023 - March 2024.

Upon completion of a postgraduate diploma in Photojournalism at the London College of Printing (currently London College of Communication) in 2001, I've lived and worked on on the African continent since 2004, first in Nairobi, then Cape Town and currently in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Experience extends to various mediums in the industry, including photojournalism and documentary-making but my main focus is feature writing. 
Published articles focus on trade, economic and geopolitical issues in Africa. Recent assignments include in-depth features for Sunday Times (South Africa), Business Day (South Africa), travel for Detour (U.K) and regular pieces for Greek Business File Magazine and Cyprus Mail on issues affecting Greeks in Africa. Other work includes features for Geographical Magazine (U.K) and African Vibes Magazine (U.S).
Work has recently pivoted towards data journalism and financial analytics.
Published photographic work includes work for the New York Times, Independent (UK), Observer (UK), Guardian, Grazia, Essence Magazine (US), L’Express (France), La Presse (Canada) among others worldwide.
Commissioned assignments included extensive work for a range of UN agencies nd NGO’s such as UNAIDS, UN-WHO, UN-WFP and UN OCHA-Somalia among others and NGO's such as the Clinton Foundation and Save the Children.
I've worked as a Reuters stringer in Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan as a photographer and videographer. I was the only foreign journalist to access front-line conflicts in both Kenya and South Sudan that received noted international attention. 
I have directed and produced a short 25-minute documentary 'On the Frontline: South Africa's Child Abuse Crisis.'
Greek English Spanish
Feature Stories Risk Analysis Research
Finance Politics Current Affairs

The contrasting fortunes of Joburg and Cape Town…A fun, subjective as well as more serious look at the understated reasons why Joburg always comes out on top

01 Oct 2023  |  George Philipas
The article contrasts the fortunes of Johannesburg and Cape Town, highlighting Johannesburg's dynamic yet troubled state due to political instability and economic challenges, while Cape Town is praised for better management and infrastructure development under the Democratic Alliance. Despite Johannesburg's recent struggles, the author argues it has a more vibrant urban core and potential for growth compared to Cape Town, which faces issues of racial segregation and economic disparity. The piece blends personal anecdotes with broader socio-economic analysis, ultimately favoring Johannesburg's long-term prospects.

A collection of feature writing and editorials

A short documentary shines a light on those on the frontline battling the epidemic of child abuse in South Africa. Namely, the counselors and doctors involved. password for access: Geojournalism77

Stagflation, a looming credit crunch and debt crisis: Why inflation and interest rates will stay mostly high this decade

16 Jul 2023  |  georgephilipas.com
The article discusses the potential for sustained high inflation and interest rates throughout the decade, which could lead to a significant debt crisis. The author argues that the low inflation of the 2010s, driven by globalization and cheap Chinese goods, is reversing due to supply-side dynamics changes. Despite a temporary easing of inflation in mid-2023, core inflation remains high due to labor market tightness and wage increases. Interest rates, now at their highest in decades, are less effective due to pandemic savings and supply-side constraints. The author also highlights the shift away from globalization, with friend-shoring and protectionism likely to drive inflation. Central banks' quantitative easing reversal adds to the risk of a credit crunch. The article warns of the dangers of corporate and public debt, suggesting that the debt burden could lead to a severe economic downturn if interest rates remain high.

Inflation is coming down nicely… but will it last?

12 Jul 2023  |  George Philipas
U.S. inflation rates have dropped from 4% to just under 3%, sparking optimism in financial markets. However, the author cautions that this trend may not last due to two potential shocks: the expiration of the Grain Deal between Ukraine and Russia, and the onset of the El Niño weather pattern. The Grain Deal's end could affect food prices, while El Niño historically impacts agricultural yields and energy sectors globally. The author suggests that the perceived lull in inflation could be temporary, with long-term effects on prices and investment, particularly in emerging and developing economies.

The Cape 1000 is Africa's answer to the Mille Miglia

31 Mar 2022  |  detour-roadtrips.com
The Cape 1000, inspired by Italy's Mille Miglia, is a four-day vintage car rally in Cape Town's wine country. It allows a mix of classic and modern supercars, with less stringent speed regulations, reflecting Africa's free-spirited ethos. Participants, including Grant Mason from the Lamborghini Club, enjoyed the scenic routes through well-known and lesser-known regions, with the event also engaging local communities. Despite challenges like overheating vintage cars, the spirit remained high, with Greg Marucchi preferring his rented 1957 Austin Healy 106 over his Ferrari for the event's true experience. The rally concluded with a final celebration back at the V&A Waterfront Hotel.

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