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CREATING A FEELING, (Human Development) that’s what people connect to, We as humans need to feel, to share stories. It reminds us we are alive.
Video advertising is proven to be one of the greatest ways to engage a potential customer, thus with this platform I love to create feeling, through visceral live events or sensory experiences in video content.
My constant thirst over a decade plus...for knowledge and exploration has led me to work as a Cinematographer and Content Producer/Director.
My excellent listening and investigative skills have equipped me with the ability to effectively and efficiently complete all tasks assigned to me within the given time frame.
Georges Mboya have over a decade professional cooperate/commercial experience as: -
Content/Video editor -
Video/Photographer -
Location Fixer-
Film Colorist -
Digital Marketing/ PR -
I believe in offering high quality, top-notch original end product at reasonable rates to my clients, that have a recognizable style unique to your brand and ensure on-time delivery to you to your viewers.
I have great communication and problem-solving skills, ability to prioritize and organize work diligently thorough strong work ethic, dedication & focused with sharp attention to the details.
My full time freelancing approach is able to put the 100% client satisfaction interests first and accommodate any time zone, meeting and deadline requirements with an aim of developing a good client rapport.
Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me and i would encourage you to check out my current and past work (below).

Green Growth Innovations in Kenya to address Climate Change (KCIC)


Impact of #DevCTrainingwithAndela for Facebook Developer Circles.

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