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Berlin, Germany

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Gerald Drißner

Gerald Drißner is a journalist and writer of narrative nonfiction who is keen on exploring unexpected angles.  He is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

The award-winning author (Axel Springer Preis, etc.) is equipped with twenty years of prolific writing experience. He writes reportages and features as well as interviews, background stories, and analyses.

Gerald holds a Master’s degree in economics (Diplom-Volkswirt). His passion, however, is Arabic and the Arab World. He has lived in Arab and Islamic countries for more than a decade and witnessed the Arab Spring firsthand in Egypt. Gerald has been specializing in Arabic grammar and is the author of acclaimed books about Arabic grammar for laymen.


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"Glücklick ist tot" Over the past decade, Gerald has received several awards including the Axel Springer Prize, Germany’s most prestigious award for young journalists. He received this award for a story about Khalid Said, a young Egyptian who was beaten to death in 2010 – and later became a trigger and symbol for the uprising in 2011.

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