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Giada Kuka

Giada Kuka is a journalist based in Tirana, Albania.

I'm an Integrated Media major, with a passion for the arts, aesthetics, language, and human nature. 
Currently working as a journalist and content creator for a major news outlet in my country - my main focus here is world news, fact-checking, and in-depth analysis of recent affairs. 
I have prior experience as a project leader/coordinator for various educational programs and I've worked extensively as a translator, interpreter, and video editor. 
My ideal job has to allow me to be creative, highly motivated, and driven as I strive to have my contribution to the company I work for be as evident as it can be. 

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English Italian Albanian
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Documentaries Feature Stories Research Journalism Live Reporting Fact Checking
Politics Current Affairs Technology Film & Theatre Investigative Reporting Research Social Cultural Travel Fact Checking

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