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Vilnius, Lithuania

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Gil Skorwid

Freelance journalist based in Kaunas and Vilnius, also taking assignments in Kaliningrad region. Covers international relations, media policies, social movements, educational and cultural developments in Lithuania and the Baltic region. Winner of Prix Philippe Chaffanjon 2017 award for the best multimedia story in France.


On the Eastern border of the European Union, a new stage of cross-border co-operation with Russia has begun. Yet, new joint initiatives are unraveling in a tense atmosphere.


A film by the Bertelsmann Foundation's Samuel George.This film goes behind the scenes to offer a glimpse into the people, policies, and places that will shape Latvia in the years ahead.


A booze tax war has broken out between Estonia and Latvia, but, at a border town on the frontline, there is little sign it’s had much impact. The majority of sellers here are outsiders. Buyers are just passing by and benefits of the trade flow back to the capitals.


Kaliningrad est en Europe. Mais elle est russe. L'enclave connue pour sa flotte et ses bases militaires, accueille la Coupe du monde. Visite de "l'appartement témoin" de la Russie poutinienne.


Rukla is one of four locations in the Baltics hosting NATO battlegroups deployed as a deterrent to neighbouring Russia, a situation that’s dramatically increased the region’s geopolitical significance. However, this doesn’t help solve the village’s long-lasting local problems.


What happens when you raise the drinking age and restrict opening hours in a country renowned for its heavy consumption of alcohol?

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Interviewing Vytautas Landsbergis for ARTE documentary on Baltic Symbolism.


The team of three journalists traveled to Russia’s Kaliningrad, Lithuania, and Poland to understand how and why, since Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, the Eastern Baltic region has fallen into anxiety and paranoia.


Depuis l’arrivée des troupes russes en Ukraine en 2014, les Lituaniens ont peur d'être les prochains sur la liste... D'autant que leur pays touche Kaliningrad, une enclave russe surmilitarisée. "Avenue de l'Europe" s'est rendu des deux côtés de cette frontière à haut risque.

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