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Giorgio Fruscione

Beograd, Serbia
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About Giorgio
I am a freelance journalist and fixer based in Belgrade, Serbia. I am the deputy director and main correspondent for the Balkans of eastjournal.net, most read Italian newspaper on Eastern Europe. 
I write news, reportage, analysis and features in Italian, English and Serbian language; among the others, I am a contributor of Balkan Insight, EastWest and IlTascabile.
My field of expertise is Balkan politics, economics and society. 
I have a Master degree on study and research on Eastern Europe; my favorite topics are the history of Yugoslavia and its political system, as well as the break-up of Yugoslavia.
I am currently working on the production of a documentary about violence and abuses on migrants along the Balkan route.
Bosnian English French
Feature Stories Content Writing Research
Business Politics Current Affairs

All the roads of the neo-fascists lead to Kosovo

04 Apr 2024  |  editorialedomani.it
Roberto Fiore, leader of the neo-fascist party Forza Nuova, and Miša Vacić, head of the ultra-nationalist Serbian Right party, are central figures in a narrative that connects European neo-fascist parties with the geopolitical tensions in Kosovo. The article describes how these parties exploit the COVID-19 pandemic and the green pass protests to further their nationalist and anti-globalist agendas. It also discusses the historical and ideological significance of Kosovo for Serbian nationalism, the manipulation of nationalist rhetoric by extremist parties, and the potential geopolitical consequences of the far-right's involvement in the region.

Berlusconi's death is Europe's first populist's final triumph

12 Jun 2023  |  euronews.com
Silvio Berlusconi's death marks not the end of an era but the entrenchment of his political legacy, characterized by populism, anti-politics, and media influence. Berlusconi's tenure normalized relations with authoritarian figures like Putin and promoted a political model that prioritized personal gain over public interest. His influence persists in the tactics of leaders like Trump and Orban, and his passing will likely monumentalize him in public memory, despite the negative implications of his political and media practices.

The crucial elections in Serbia, divided between Russia and the European Union

30 Mar 2022  |  www.editorialedomani.it
Serbia faces crucial elections on April 3, with the country divided between aligning with Russia or the European Union. President Aleksandar Vucic, in power for a decade, faces opposition from Zdravko Ponos, a former general. The elections are set against a backdrop of Serbia's geopolitical balancing act, with Vucic's government maintaining ties with Russia while officially pursuing EU membership. The article highlights Serbia's energy dependency on Russia, the influence of nationalist sentiments, and the potential regional implications of the election outcome.

The walls of hatred in Belgrade

24 Dec 2021  |  repubblica.it
In the center of Belgrade, a portrait of Mladic, the butcher of Srebrenica, appeared. The police banned the demonstration demanding its removal, and now it has become a pilgrimage site for nationalists. This is not an isolated case; for weeks, Serbia has seen a multiplication of tributes to the former general.

Farhad Noory, a 10-year-old migrant from Afghanistan, is one of several thousand migrants trapped in Serbia by border closures but still hoping to make it to the EU, and has been living in the Krnjaca refugee camp since December last year.

A growing market, a streamlined bureaucracy and a strong cultural and geographical affinity have made Albania highly desirable to Italians.

One of the 6,600 migrants staying in Serbia is using his artistic skills to teach children how to draw - and so give ‘something back to the country’ that has taken him in.

Serbian Fan Group Rediscovers Romance of Sport

02 Jan 2018  |  Balkan Insight
The article discusses the unique approach of the Partizan fan group Grobarski Trash Romantizam (GTR) in Belgrade, which combines romanticism and poetry with their support for the Partizan sport club. Founded by Ivan Lovric and Ivan Sarajcic, GTR promotes culture through fandom, contrasting with the typical association of football supporters with violence and nationalism. They have organized exhibitions, published a fanzine, and created murals of significant figures in Partizan's history and other respected personalities. The group's philosophy is to celebrate Partizan's history and its openness to different nationalities, reflecting the club's origins as a symbol of brotherhood and unity. GTR's activities offer an alternative model of fan culture that intertwines sports with the arts and cultural appreciation.

New Migrants Face Old Terrors on Balkan Route

19 Jul 2017  |  Balkan Insight
A woman from Afghanistan, who was pregnant, shared her harrowing experience with BIRN about the abuse she faced at the hands of a Bulgarian policeman at the border between Turkey and Bulgaria. She recounted being physically assaulted, which led to the loss of her unborn child. The woman, who remains anonymous, had fled the violence in Afghanistan hoping for safety but found the journey through the Balkan route to be even more perilous. Her testimony highlights the severe challenges and dangers that new migrants encounter on their path to asylum.

Make Europe Great Again

13 Feb 2017  |  Il Tascabile
The article discusses the impact of Donald Trump's presidency on European politics, particularly among nationalist and right-wing parties. Trump's rhetoric on immigration and terrorism resonated with similar sentiments among European right-wing parties. The Brexit victory is seen as a psychological boost for populist campaigns in Europe. Trump's promise to improve relations with Putin's Russia aligns with the growing pro-Russian sentiment among Europe's right-wing parties. The article also questions the extent to which Trump's support is reciprocated by European right-wing parties, noting the lack of official recognition from the White House.

The New Serbian Path

09 Jan 2017  |  Il Tascabile
Early one Monday morning, the bust and remains of Dimitrija Tucovic, a symbol of Belgrade's socialist past, were removed after seventy years. Tucovic, a prominent socialist thinker who died in World War I, had a square named after him during the socialist era of Yugoslavia. With the fall of socialism, the square reverted to its previous name, 'Slavija'. This act is part of a broader trend of historical revisionism through toponymy that began in 1992 after the dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Many streets and squares in Belgrade have been renamed to reflect national rather than transnational memories, with some citizens passively resisting by continuing to use the old Yugoslav-era names. The renaming reflects a nationalist agenda to reshape collective memory and history.

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