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Giorgio Fruscione

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Beograd, Serbia

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Giorgio Fruscione

I am a freelance journalist and fixer based in Belgrade, Serbia. I am the deputy director and main correspondent for the Balkans of, most read Italian newspaper on Eastern Europe. 
I write news, reportage, analysis and features in Italian, English and Serbian language; among the others, I am a contributor of Balkan Insight, EastWest and IlTascabile.
My field of expertise is Balkan politics, economics and society. 
I have a Master degree on study and research on Eastern Europe; my favorite topics are the history of Yugoslavia and its political system, as well as the break-up of Yugoslavia.
I am currently working on the production of a documentary about violence and abuses on migrants along the Balkan route.


A Belgrado la denominazione delle strade è anche uno strumento di revisionismo storico.


Come l’uomo forte di Washington ha sedotto i leader delle destre europee.


Sport in Serbia is widely associated with violent behaviour, but one fan group of the popular club FK Partizan is taking a very different approach based on romanticism and poetry.


Farhad Noory, a 10-year-old migrant from Afghanistan, is one of several thousand migrants trapped in Serbia by border closures but still hoping to make it to the EU, and has been living in the Krnjaca refugee camp since December last year.


A growing market, a streamlined bureaucracy and a strong cultural and geographical affinity have made Albania highly desirable to Italians.


One of the 6,600 migrants staying in Serbia is using his artistic skills to teach children how to draw - and so give ‘something back to the country’ that has taken him in.


A wave of migrants crossing the Balkans in search of safety in the EU is bringing fresh testimonies of the violence and abuse that especially await women and children along the way.

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