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Gonzalo Bañez Villar

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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About Gonzalo
I am a journalist specialized in International Affairs working at TN (Todo Noticias in Spanish), the most viewed TV channel in Argentina, with strong presence in Chile and Uruguay. Nowadays I am the International Editor and chief producer of the “TN International” programme. Also, the local coordinator of the most important media alliance in Latin America (Latin American Informative Alliance). Related to my academic history, I have a BA. in Journalism and two years ago I finished a MA. in International Studies at the Torcuato di Tella University (pending thesis).
English Spanish Portuguese
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Finance Politics Current Affairs

José Alperovich archivos

10 Jun 2024  |  #BorderPeriodismo
Former Tucumán governor José Alperovich faces accusations of sexually abusing his niece, who worked as his personal assistant during his tenure as senator. The alleged incidents occurred between 2017 and 2018. Key witness testimony has complicated Alperovich's defense. The article also discusses internal conflicts within the PJ, the need for unity among political leaders, and the emergence of a new alliance involving the UCR and Frente Amplio.

Argentinian’s tiny invention changed pizza delivery forever

12 Apr 2024  |  www.voanews.com
A small but impactful invention from Buenos Aires has revolutionized pizza delivery. Gonzalo Bañez Villar reports on this significant innovation, with narration by Veronica Villafañe.

Villar message to Moruniho: "I was doing great in Rome until one person arrived"

04 Apr 2024  |  besoccer.com
Spanish footballer Gonzalo Villar, who was transferred to Roma in the 2020 summer transfer window, has recently joined Getafe on loan. In an interview with 'COPE', Villar subtly criticized Jose Mourinho, who started coaching Roma in the 2021-22 season, suggesting that his performance was affected by Mourinho's arrival. Villar expressed his gratitude to Getafe's president Ángel Torres for the opportunity to return and his desire to stay with the club for many years. He also mentioned his excitement about playing with Borja Mayoral again, referring to their good relationship.

The traditional Argentine barbecue, among those affected by high meat prices

22 Mar 2024  |  www.vozdeamerica.com
The traditional Argentine barbecue, once a staple consumed multiple times a week, is becoming increasingly rare due to high meat prices. Argentinians are now opting for chicken as a more affordable alternative.

Blinken Meets with Milei in Argentina as a Sign of Support from the United States

23 Feb 2024  |  www.vozdeamerica.com
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Argentine President Javier Milei at Casa Rosada, marking the highest-ranking U.S. official visit since Milei's presidency began in December. Milei expressed Argentina's commitment to Western values, democracy, and freedom. The meeting, which included Foreign Minister Diana Mondino and other officials, lasted over an hour. Blinken's visit is seen as strengthening bilateral relations and improving Mercosur-U.S. ties, according to former Argentine ambassador Diego Guelar. Blinken, who arrived in Argentina the previous night, also visited historical sites in Buenos Aires before the meeting. The U.S. delegation included Ambassador Marc Stanley and other officials. Brian Nichols, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, had previously visited Argentina, emphasizing the key relationship and supporting Milei's state reform process.

SEPI, an invention that transcended borders but whose creator few know

16 Feb 2024  |  vozdeamerica.com
The SEPI pizza saver, a small plastic tripod placed inside pizza boxes to prevent cheese from sticking to the cardboard, was created by an Argentinean 50 years ago. The invention has gained international recognition, although its creator is not widely known.

Bartering Returns to Argentina

15 Dec 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
Argentina's economic crisis has severely impacted the living conditions of its citizens, leading to a resurgence of bartering as a means of survival in a country where poverty exceeds 40%.

Reforms, Economic Crisis, and Governance: The Challenges of Milei's Presidency

20 Nov 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
Javier Milei, the newly elected libertarian president of Argentina, faces the challenge of addressing the country's severe economic crisis, with an annual inflation rate of 138% and nearly 40% poverty. Despite his lack of political experience and a minority in Congress, Milei plans to implement drastic structural changes, including controversial measures like dolarization and shutting down the Central Bank. His victory is attributed to the public's demand for change rather than specific support for him. Milei's governance strategy will likely involve seeking support from the center-right, particularly Mauricio Macri's PRO party. Internationally, Milei intends to break ties with communist countries like Brazil and China and align closer with the West, specifically the United States and Israel. The future of Argentina's involvement with the BRICS group remains uncertain as Milei has previously disagreed with joining.

Javier Milei after winning the presidency: 'A new Argentina begins'

19 Nov 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
Libertarian candidate Javier Milei has been elected as the President of Argentina, defeating the officialist candidate Sergio Massa with 55.71% of the votes. Milei's victory marks a historic night for the country, signaling an end to political decline and a return to a path of freedom. Massa was the first to acknowledge his defeat, emphasizing the importance of coexistence and dialogue. President Alberto Fernández expressed his readiness for a transition, while international leaders and diplomatic representations extended their congratulations. Milei, who has no public management experience, campaigned on drastic public spending cuts, central bank closure, and economy dollarization. He also proposed controversial policies such as a plebiscite to repeal abortion law, deregulating the arms market, and imposing tariffs on public health and education. Milei's foreign policy includes breaking ties with Brazil and China, labeling them as communist countries, and seeking closer relations with the United States and Israel. He faces the challenge of navigating a minority in both chambers and building a new coalition amidst a dire economic and social situation.

Undecided Voters and Social Disenchantment: Determining Pillars in Argentina's Presidential Runoff

17 Nov 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
Argentina faces a presidential runoff between Sergio Massa and Javier Milei, set against a backdrop of economic crisis and social polarization. The undecided voters and those who supported centrist Patricia Bullrich and peronist Juan Schiaretti in the first round are pivotal. Analysts highlight the electorate's disenchantment and the strategic appeals by both candidates to the undecided and centrist voters. Public endorsements by figures like Mauricio Macri for Milei and the potential shift of Bullrich's voters towards him are also discussed. The election is marked by societal discontent, with many voters expressing distrust in both candidates.

The historic tram that withstands the passage of time in Buenos Aires

03 Nov 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
In Buenos Aires, the tram was once the preferred mode of public transportation until its abrupt disappearance in 1963. However, in the 1980s, a group of enthusiasts rescued one of the carriages from oblivion, and today this tram opens its doors to visitors, as reported by Gonzalo Bañez Villar.

Facing the Argentine Crisis, the Story of the Butcher Who Went Viral for Training His Customers

01 Oct 2023  |  www.vozdeamerica.com
Mario Laurens, a butcher from Buenos Aires, has gained viral fame on social media for educating his customers on how to buy meat wisely and save money amid Argentina's economic crisis. With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and TikTok, Laurens shares daily videos offering tips and advice on meat purchases. His popularity has grown as Argentina faces soaring inflation, particularly in meat prices. Laurens' story highlights the impact of the economic crisis on consumers and the importance of his advice in helping them navigate rising costs. Key organizations like INDEC and the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization provide context on the broader economic situation.

Thousands of people use Buenos Aires airport as a refuge

01 Oct 2023  |  www.vozdeamerica.com
Due to Argentina's precarious economic situation, the number of homeless people is increasing. Many of these individuals, citing a lack of opportunities, have chosen Buenos Aires International Airport as a refuge to spend the night.

Milei trusts that inflation will decrease in Argentina, analysts are skeptical

01 Oct 2023  |  www.vozdeamerica.com
President Javier Milei of Argentina is optimistic about reducing inflation through state restructuring and economic deregulation. Despite a recent moderation in price increases, experts remain cautious about the long-term outlook. The government's program includes significant fiscal adjustments and currency stabilization efforts. However, these measures have led to social challenges, including increased poverty and reliance on community kitchens. Analysts emphasize the need for sustained fiscal discipline and economic stability to achieve lasting inflation control.

The 'Bowie' of the Argentine Subway

18 Aug 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
A street artist in Argentina gained viral attention after a video of him performing in the Buenos Aires subway was shared on social media. He is known for imitating various singers, particularly the late David Bowie, not on a traditional stage but in the subway carriages. Voice of America followed him for a day.

Russian families in Argentina try to overcome more than just the language barrier

11 Aug 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
Over the past year and a half, more than 25,000 Russian citizens have arrived in Argentina fleeing the war. Gonzalo Bañez Villar from Voice of America shares the story of a family that arrived in Buenos Aires in November of the previous year, but they are finding adaptation to be quite challenging.

Granada Signs Gonzalo Villar

04 Aug 2023  |  es.besoccer.com
Midfielder Gonzalo Villar has joined Granada CF, transferred from AS Roma, becoming the third addition for the team's return to the Primera Division this season. The 25-year-old, who was not in the plans of Roma's coach Jose Mourinho, has been transferred for an undisclosed fee. Villar's arrival, along with Gerard Gumbau, aims to strengthen a midfield considered weak by coach Paco López. Villar, who has played for Real Murcia, Elche, and Valencia's youth teams, moved to Roma in 2020 but did not establish himself, leading to loan spells at Getafe and Sampdoria. He made his sole appearance for the Spanish National Team on June 8, 2021, in a friendly against Lithuania.

One in two workers in Latin America is in informality, according to study

10 Jun 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
Half of the workforce in Latin America is engaged in informal employment, a crisis that has grown in recent years, according to a study by the International Labour Organization. Informal employment, which is not regulated by legal standards such as taxes and social security contributions, has significant impacts on workers like Marcos, a construction worker who also sells flowers on the streets of Buenos Aires. The ILO's regional labor economy specialist, Roxana Maurizio, notes that this 50% informality rate has been consistent for at least a decade, indicating it is a structural characteristic of the region's labor markets. Venezuelan economist Alejandro Castro points out that informality rates are lower in more developed countries like Chile and Uruguay compared to less developed ones. The ILO report states that last year, 60-80% of new jobs in the region were in the informal sector. In February, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean urged regional governments to address this issue to improve productivity figures.

One in two workers in Latin America are in informality

09 Jun 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
A recent study by the International Labour Organization states that one in two workers in Latin America do not have formal employment and have had to adapt to new market conditions. The report was informed by Gonzalo Bañez Villar of Voice of America from Argentina.

Thousands of Russians have migrated to Argentina since the beginning of the war

08 Apr 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, over 20,000 Russians have migrated to Argentina, drawn by the ease of entry, document acquisition, and access to health and education. Among these immigrants are many pregnant women, including Verónica Shehukov, who traveled with her family from Vladivostok to Buenos Aires. The influx, which has quadrupled from January 2022 to 2023, is suspected by some to be influenced by mafias and criminal groups. The Dirección Nacional de Migraciones has noted the involvement of organizations offering services to facilitate Russians' relocation to Argentina. Despite suspicions, the Argentine passport's global validity remains a significant attraction for Russian families, granting immediate citizenship to children born in Argentina.

The Legacy of Francis, 10 Years After Becoming Pope

10 Mar 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
On March 13, 2013, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aires became Pope Francis, marking the first time a Latin American cardinal ascended to the papacy. Raised in a Catholic environment, Bergoglio was influenced by his grandmother Rosa and experienced a religious epiphany at the Basilica of San José de Flores. After studying in Argentina, Chile, and Spain, he played a significant role during Argentina's last military dictatorship. Appointed as auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires by Pope John Paul II in 1992, he later became Archbishop of Buenos Aires until his election as Pope. His first decade as Pope reflects his life and career in the Catholic Church in Argentina.

The social message behind 'Argentina 1985'

04 Mar 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
The film 'Argentina, 1985' sparked a profound debate in Argentine society about the value of democracy and its defense. It recounts the 1985 trial of military juntas, a pivotal moment in not only Argentina's history but also globally. The movie, directed by Santiago Mitre and featuring Ricardo Darín as prosecutor Julio Cesar Strassera, is recognized for addressing human rights violations during the dictatorship. As it garners international attention with Oscar nominations, experts see it as a phenomenon that extends beyond cinema to reinforce the message of democracy.

The social message behind 'Argentina 1985'

03 Mar 2023  |  vozdeamerica.com
'Argentina 1985' filled cinemas and achieved nominations and awards. The film recounts the historic trial of the military leaders who headed the last coup d'état in Argentina and deeply resonated with society.

Unemployment in Latin America Affects Women More

16 Sep 2022  |  vozdeamerica.com
The COVID-19 pandemic has left deep social and economic scars in Latin America. A report from the International Labour Organization indicates that unemployment and informality are challenges in the region, with women experiencing significant labor setbacks in the last two years.

Murió Isabel II: la cobertura minuto a minuto de un día histórico

Conmoción en Argentina por el intento de magnicidio contra la vicepresidenta Cristina Fernández. Informe para la Voz de América.

Pinta billetes venezolanos para revalorizar la moneda. Su proyecto se llama “república revaluada” y su intención, como el nombre lo indica, es revaluar la moneda venezolana: el bolívar.

La ciudad de Temuco en alerta en medio del conflicto mapuche en el sur de Chile

La inflación consume a Latinoamérica Un informe para la Voz de América sobre el aumento de precios en toda la región.

El diario de guerra dese Ucrania: Crece la ofensiva de Rusia

Conflicto indígena en Ecuador: manifestantes intentaron entrar a la Universidad Católica de Quito

TN EN LA GUERRA | El equipo llegó a Yitomir, una ciudad aniquilada por los bombardeos rusos

Alas que ayudan Grabado durante uno de los vuelos humanitarios que buscan atenuar el drama de los refugiados ucranianos que huyen de la guerra, este documental de la Voz de América ilustra, en primera persona, las historias de mujeres y niños.

How 20,000 People Are Fed With One Torta Frita In Argentina | Big Batches | Food Insider

Conflicto mapuche en el sur de Chile desde adentro La violencia en el sur de Chile ha ido en aumento en los últimos meses y por momentos parece estar fuera de control. Así viven las víctimas y los protagonistas. Informe especial para Telenoche y TN.

Shock in Argentina over the assassination attempt against Vice President Cristina Fernández

02 Sep 2022  |  vozdeamerica.com
Argentina is shocked by the attempted assassination of Vice President Cristina Fernández, an event President Alberto Fernández has described as 'the most serious incident since the return to democracy'. Gonzalo Bañez Villar reports from Buenos Aires.

Inflation consumes Latin America

19 Aug 2022  |  vozdeamerica.com
Inflation has become a dominant topic of conversation in Latin America, with several countries beginning to feel its impact. Gonzalo Bañez reports from Buenos Aires for Voice of America.

The consumption of electronic cigarettes is growing in Latin America

29 Jul 2022  |  vozdeamerica.com
Traditional cigarette consumption is declining, while the use of electronic cigarettes, or vapers, is on the rise in Latin America. The FDA in the United States has renewed its focus on the risks associated with their use.

211 kilometers on the route: what it's like to travel within the country invaded by Russia

07 Mar 2022  |  Todo Noticias
The TN team traveled 211 kilometers from Lviv to Rivne in Ukraine, navigating through military checkpoints, barricades, and covered signs amidst the Russian invasion. The journey, which would normally take three hours, is now prolonged due to increased military presence and security measures. The route, which has not been bombed but connects significant cities, showcases Ukraine's response to the Russian threat, including preparations for resistance. The spirit of nationalism and resistance is evident throughout the country, with the phrase 'Glory to Ukraine' exchanged at each checkpoint. The landscape is marked by cold, gray days and snow-covered fields, with towns along the route appearing deserted as residents conceal their homes to avoid detection during potential Russian attacks.

Ukraine: Ten Days in the War Among Soldiers, Constant Alert, and a Wave of Refugees

06 Mar 2022  |  Todo Noticias
The article describes the situation in Ukraine during the war, focusing on the experiences of refugees, the national response, and the constant state of alert due to the Russian invasion. It highlights the strict controls at the border, the prioritization of women and children for evacuation, and the prohibition of men aged 18 to 60 from leaving the country. Lviv serves as a transit point for those fleeing from more heavily bombarded cities like Kiev. The country is under martial law, with a curfew and restrictions on alcohol sales and media reporting. The spirit of nationalism is evident as civilians organize to support the military and prepare for resistance, with schools turned into centers for military preparation. The article conveys the pervasive atmosphere of tension and sadness among those who flee and those who stay to defend Ukraine.

Thousands of Venezuelans suffer uncontrolled inflation in Argentina

04 Feb 2022  |  vozdeamerica.com
Thousands of Venezuelans in Argentina are struggling with high inflation, low wages, and insecurity, prompting about a thousand to leave the country. Many had arrived to escape Venezuela's economic crisis but now face tough conditions, with Argentina's inflation reaching 826% over six years and 50.9% last year alone. Despite a preliminary agreement with the IMF, expectations remain bleak. Economist Pía Garavaglia suggests long-term solutions are needed, particularly in the labor market and income distribution. Venezuelans in Argentina compare their situation to moving from hell to purgatory, as expressed by Venezuelan economist Napoleón Lazardi.

Thousands of Venezuelans suffer from uncontrolled inflation in Argentina

04 Feb 2022  |  vozdeamerica.com
Due to uncontrolled inflation, low wages, and high insecurity, many Venezuelans are beginning to leave Argentina, the country that welcomed them years ago. This report by Voice of America analyzes the situation, with details explained by Gonzalo Bañez.

The cause of 'the girl who paints bills' until achieving 'a new Venezuela'

21 Jan 2022  |  vozdeamerica.com
An artist, known as 'the girl who paints bills,' began drawing on two-bolivar notes as a form of protest against inflation in Venezuela, which made even the minimum public transport fare in Caracas unaffordable.

Zulian pipers bring joy and memories to Venezuelans in Buenos Aires

24 Dec 2021  |  vozdeamerica.com
María Laconcha experienced a dream surprise in Buenos Aires when she was greeted by the Gaiteros de CABA, who perform Zulian gaita music every weekend. Having moved to Argentina over half a year ago after the loss of her husband, the music brought back cherished memories of Christmas in Venezuela. The band, founded in 2017 by systems engineer Baudilio Zapata, has become popular among both Argentinians and Venezuelans. The rehearsal room turned into a celebration of Venezuelan spirit and culture, deeply moving both María and Baudilio.

From the diaspora, Venezuelan physicist grateful to fulfill the dream of his life

26 Nov 2021  |  vozdeamerica.com
Johan Rojas, a Venezuelan physicist who studied at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, moved to Argentina with the dream of working in the field of radiotherapy at a hospital. After years of setting aside his professional goal, he finally received a scholarship that paved the way for him to achieve his dream.

A malt beverage to connect with Venezuelan roots in Buenos Aires

28 Aug 2021  |  vozdeamerica.com
Elimar Coll and Alejandro Álvarez, two Venezuelans who moved to Argentina seven years ago, have started producing Malta +58 CCS, a malt beverage that resonates with their Venezuelan heritage. The drink has become increasingly popular among the Venezuelan community in Buenos Aires, with sales and production growing rapidly. The founders aim to honor their native country and hope to eventually sell their product in Venezuela.

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