Graham Keeley

Graham Keeley

Madrid, Spain

Available: Yes

Graham Keeley

The Spain Correspondent for The Times of London for five years, I have covered the country's economic crisis, the end of Eta, the corruption scandal which has rocked the monarchy and the rise of Podemos, the left wing party which is leading the polls. 
I am available for reports on any breaking stories in Spain.
Recent work for GRN included covering a coach crash in which 13 Erasmus students were killed.
My recent stories included Don't sleep it off: Spain set to drop the siesta, The Times 4/4/16, 'Chávez channelled €6m into Podemos think tank', The Times, 5/4/16




  • Catalan referendum

    Barcelona, Spain Politics October 3 @ 12:00am

    Hi I will be covering the proposed referendum on independence due to be held in Catalonia on October 1st. I am available to do radio voice overs or Skype interviews on the subject which I have been covering closely. Graham Keeley, Spain Correspondent, The Times Read more

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