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Gregory Gondwe

Blantyre, Malawi
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About Gregory
Gregory Gondwe is Malawian journalist based in Blantyre, Southern Region, Malawi. He is currently doing his final semester of his four-year-long Bachelors of Arts Degree in Journalism at the University of Malawi. 
He is a holder of a Diploma of Journalism and an Intermediate Certificate in Journalism. He also has other media related certificates in Reproductive Health- Nairobi, (June 15-18, 2005 National Press Foundation; Population Reference Bureau; EC Afrique); Reuters Certificate in Environmental Reporting (Johannesburg, November-December 2006); Certificate in Bird Flu Reporting (Kampala, February 2007) and World Bank Investigative Journalism Certificate (Lilongwe 2007), other numerous Media Related certificates.
He is a multi-award winning journalist and at the moment who was once been the Bureau Chief/Chief Reporter for Times Media Group responsible for the Central Region of Malawi as well as Nationally respectively. Times Media Group comprise Times Television, Blantyre Newspapers Limited (which publishes, The Daily Times (Monday to Friday), Malawi News (Saturday), The Sunday Times), Times online, as well as a radio station. 
Previously he was the Regional Editor and Bureau Chief as well as Chief Reporter for Zodiak Broadcasting Station.
His career span through newspaper reporting where he has produced quality news and feature stories for major publishing houses for the country's daily newspapers; The Nation Publications Limited and The BNL besides stringing for the country's public broadcaster, the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation. He has also corresponded for various international news outlets including CNN.
He  has over two decades of demonstrated achievement in print, online, television and radio journalism operations. As a blogger his works can be appreciated on www.gondwe-gregory.blogspot.com/ www.gregorygondwe.wordpress.com
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Where is Piksy’s Sendeza Genre?

06 Jun 2020  |  GREGORY GONDWE
Piksy, born Evans Zangazanga, and his friend Nicodemo introduced the Sendeza genre in 2008, gaining significant popularity. Despite doubts about his solo career, Piksy proved his critics wrong with his successful debut album 'Maso' and becoming Airtel's brand ambassador. After parting ways with Nde’feyo Entertainment in 2013, he formed the Langwani Movement Band, though it hasn't gained much traction. His latest single 'Chonchobe' critiques social media pretenses, reflecting his maturity and evolution as an artist. The article questions the fate of the Sendeza genre and Piksy's future direction.

DNA confuses with UKANADZIWA

06 Jun 2020  |  GREGORY GONDWE
The article reviews the latest track 'Ukanadziwa' by Malawian artist DNA, born Daniel Kaliwo, featuring Bathro. It highlights DNA's lyrical creativity and the thematic depth of the song, which portrays a woman's dilemma in rejecting a man's love proposal due to his immaturity while simultaneously not wanting him to date others. The review appreciates DNA's ability to create a thought-provoking and artistically rich piece, comparing it to an abstract painting open to interpretation.

Gospel or no Gospel for Namadingo

17 May 2020  |  GREGORY GONDWE
Patience Namadingo, a singer and musician, clarified on his Facebook page that he is not a gospel musician, expressing his desire to sing about various topics such as love, education, empowerment, wealth creation, and good morals. The author, Gregory Gondwe, supports Namadingo's stance, criticizing the societal pressure that labels artists and restricts their creative expression. Gondwe questions the distinction between gospel and secular musicians, citing examples of other artists who have faced similar identity challenges within Malawi's music industry.

Govt. better avail resources for COVID-19 Music

27 Apr 2020  |  GREGORY GONDWE
Dorothy Shonga has funded a musical project to produce a song against COVID-19, pooling together several local artists. The article criticizes the Malawian government's handling of the pandemic, accusing officials of political maneuvering and neglecting effective public health measures. It highlights the importance of music in disseminating COVID-19 messages and calls for government support for such initiatives. The article also mentions other artists and organizations like Phyzix and Unicef who have independently produced COVID-19 related music.

One and only Kenny Rogers – And Manu Dibango

29 Mar 2020  |  GREGORY GONDWE
The article mourns the loss of two musical giants, Kenny Rogers and Manu Dibango, who recently passed away, with Dibango succumbing to COVID-19. It highlights Rogers' extensive contributions to country music, his awards, and his ventures into photography and writing. Dibango is celebrated for his influential track 'Soul Makossa' and its impact on funk music, as well as its later use by artists like Michael Jackson and Rihanna. The text reflects on their legacies and the significant void their passing leaves in the music world.

The Billy Kaunda-Lucius Banda Debate

01 Mar 2020  |  GREGORY GONDWE
The article discusses the debate sparked by Patience Namadingo's reggae mashup medley featuring Billy Kaunda, comparing him to Lucius Banda. It criticizes the unnecessary competition between the two artists, emphasizing that their music and philosophies are different. The article highlights the positive reception of Namadingo's work and the appreciation for both Kaunda and Banda's contributions to Malawian music.

Malawi legalizes cannabis cultivation for certain uses

28 Feb 2020  |  Daily Herald
Malawi has legalized the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and industrial purposes to diversify its economy amidst declining tobacco exports. The new law, passed by Parliament, prohibits recreational use and establishes the Cannabis Regulatory Authority to oversee licensing and research. Illegal activities related to cannabis can result in severe penalties. Advocacy for legalization has been ongoing since the early 1990s.

Malawi legalizes cannabis cultivation for certain uses

28 Feb 2020  |  Sun Sentinel
Malawi has legalized the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and industrial uses, aiming to diversify its economy away from tobacco. The new law establishes the Cannabis Regulatory Authority to oversee licensing and regulation. While recreational use remains illegal, the move is seen as a significant step towards economic growth. The decision aligns Malawi with other southern African nations easing cannabis restrictions. Key figures in the article include agriculture minister Kondwani Nankhumwa, police spokesman Williams Kaponda, and long-time cannabis advocate Paliani Chinguwo.

This is a link to a number of stories that I wrote while working for Malawi's Times Media Group


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