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Hadeel Elsherief

Cairo, Egypt
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About Hadeel
An award-winning journalist with a passion for climate and environmental issues. Based in Egypt, I have been writing for local news outlets in Egypt and Saudi Arabia since 2013, beside working for Microsoft (MSN Arabia) and Opera news application. 

 With 9 years of experience in journalism, I am passionate about it and committed to driving growth and innovation in my field.

With exceptional communication and leadership skills, I am adept at working collaboratively with cross-functional teams to deliver outstanding results. Always eager to learn and grow, I am constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to expand my horizons.
Arabic English French
News Gathering Content Writing Research
Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment

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Old Chicago Woman Breaks Records With Skydive

04 Oct 2023  |  knewz.com
Dorothy Hoffner, a 104-year-old woman from Chicago, may have become the world's oldest skydiver after jumping from 13,500 feet in northern Illinois. Skydive Chicago is seeking to certify her jump with the Guinness World Records. Hoffner, who first skydived at 100, was met with applause upon landing and shared that age is just a number. She is considering a hot-air balloon ride next and encourages everyone to try skydiving.

Prada to Design Innovative Space Suits for NASA's Astronauts

04 Oct 2023  |  knewz.com
Italian luxury brand Prada is collaborating with Houston-based startup Axiom Space to design spacesuits for NASA's Artemis III mission, marking the first crewed lunar landing since Apollo 17. The partnership aims to develop advanced materials and design features to protect astronauts on the moon. The mission, planned for 2025, will include astronauts Christina Koch and Victor Glover, highlighting diversity in space exploration. Prada's involvement leverages its expertise in innovative design and technology, while Axiom Space brings extensive experience in space missions.

Baby Bodies Abandoned in Bag Found Outside Cemetery Gate

04 Oct 2023  |  knewz.com
Six newborn infants' bodies were discovered abandoned at the entrance of Cristo Salvador cemetery in Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic. The infants, identified as both Dominican and Haitian, were found with identification tags and disposable diapers. The discovery was made by a local resident who alerted the police, leading to the uncovering of more bodies. Pathologist Dr. Angi Vicioso confirmed the origins and genders of the infants, noting some were stillborn while others died shortly after birth. The bodies were supposed to be delivered to a funeral home for burial, raising questions about hospital and funeral home procedures. The National Police are investigating the incident.

Mark Esper Criticizes Trump's Ukraine Policy

02 Oct 2023  |  knewz.com
Mark Esper, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, criticized Donald Trump's Ukraine policy and expressed concerns over Trump's potential actions if re-elected, including negotiating with Russia, terminating funding for Ukraine, and withdrawing from NATO. Esper highlighted the importance of NATO for American security and addressed Senator Tommy Tuberville's hold on military nominees due to a policy on service members' travel for abortions.

Adolf Hitler Birthplace Transformed Into Police Station

02 Oct 2023  |  knewz.com
Work has begun to transform Adolf Hitler's birthplace in Braunau am Inn, Austria, into a police station, a plan aimed at discouraging the site from becoming a pilgrimage spot for Nazi sympathizers. The Austrian government decided on this use in 2019, with law enforcement expected to occupy the building by 2026. The building, which has faced ownership disputes, was expropriated by the government in 2017. Critics, including historian Florian Kotanko and director Günter Schwaiger, argue that the plan lacks historical context and aligns with Hitler's wishes. Despite the criticism, the Austrian Interior Ministry will proceed with the redesign, estimated to cost 20 million euros.

James Bulger's Killer Jon Venables May Be Released From Prison

01 Oct 2023  |  knewz.com
Jon Venables, one of the killers of 2-year-old James Bulger in 1993, has been granted a confidential two-day parole hearing, raising the possibility of his release by Christmas. The case, revisited in a recent Channel 5 documentary, highlights the emotional and legal complexities surrounding Venables' potential reintegration into society. Denise Fergus, Bulger's mother, strongly opposes his release, citing ongoing threats to children. Venables, who has been recalled to prison twice for violating release terms, remains in a category-A prison in northern England.

Weight Loss, Diabetes Drugs May Pose Risks to Stomach

01 Oct 2023  |  knewz.com
A recent study published in JAMA suggests that weight loss and diabetes drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic may pose risks of serious stomach conditions, including stomach paralysis, bowel obstruction, and pancreatitis, in non-diabetic patients. Conducted by the University of British Columbia, the research highlights the importance of informed patient consent and aims to educate healthcare providers about these potential risks. The study found that GLP-1 drugs are associated with higher risks of these conditions compared to other weight loss medications, although the overall risk remains rare.

Idaho Student Kaylee Goncalves Was Cornered by Suspect

01 Oct 2023  |  knewz.com
The parents of Kaylee Goncalves, one of the University of Idaho students killed in a quadruple stabbing, revealed that she attempted to escape but was trapped by the suspect and the room's layout. The suspect, Bryan Kohberger, is believed to have stalked the victims before the attack. The case against Kohberger includes cell phone evidence and alleged footage of his car near the crime scene, but his defense team disputes these claims. The Goncalves family remains determined to seek justice, despite the ongoing legal challenges.

Vladimir Putin Pardons Murderer for Ukraine Service

01 Oct 2023  |  knewz.com
Russian President Vladimir Putin's controversial pardon scheme, which offers convicted criminals freedom in exchange for military service in Ukraine, has sparked public outrage. The program has led to the release of violent offenders, including Dmitry Zelensky, who was convicted of a gruesome murder. The scheme has raised concerns about public safety as more pardoned criminals return from Ukraine, with incidents of violent crimes committed by these individuals. Despite public backlash, the government defends the program, citing lower recidivism rates among those pardoned.

Lion Kills Veteran Zookeeper in Japanese Safari Park

29 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
Kenichi Kato, a seasoned zookeeper, was killed by a lion at a Japanese safari park in Fukushima when the lion escaped through an unlocked door during a transfer process. The park has temporarily closed to improve safety measures. The vice president of the park, Norichika Kumakubo, explained the standard procedure for transferring lions, which Kato appears to have not followed. This incident adds to a list of fatal zookeeper attacks worldwide, including a recent bear attack in Uzbekistan and a 2018 incident involving white tigers.

Scientists Discover New Species in Philippine Sea

29 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
A submersible vehicle exploring the Philippine Sea discovered a new species of brittle star, named Ophiuroglypha fendouzhe, at a depth of over 25,000 feet. This species, with a creamy white pentagonal body and slender arms, is the deepest-known species of its kind. The discovery, published in the European Journal of Taxonomy, highlights the biodiversity in the ocean's depths and the importance of marine exploration.

Putin Knifed in the Back: Vlad ‘Betrayed’ by His Own Soldiers

26 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
Russian officers within Vladimir Putin's ranks allegedly provided intelligence to Ukraine, enabling a missile strike on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol, resulting in 34 deaths including Admiral Viktor Sokolov. The anti-Putin group ATESH claimed responsibility for incentivizing the betrayal, citing the soldiers' belief in stopping a criminal war. The attacks involved French-made and British-supplied Storm Shadow missiles, with Russia imposing a news blackout post-strike. High-ranking commanders were also wounded, and despite Russia's denial, ATESH asserts the Russian military is aware of their efforts.

100 People Perish in Iraqi Wedding Fire

26 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
A devastating fire at a wedding in Qaraqosh, Iraq, near Mosul, resulted in over 100 fatalities. The bride and groom, Haneen and Revan, escaped with their lives but are now facing severe psychological distress. The fire was reportedly caused by fireworks igniting a ceiling decoration. Government officials have arrested 14 individuals, including the events hall owners, and have ordered inspections of public spaces. The international community has offered assistance to Iraq.

Putin Faces Potential Shift in Baltic States Away From Russia

25 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
Vladimir Putin's influence in former Soviet states is weakening as Ukraine makes strategic advances and countries like Georgia and Armenia seek closer ties with the West. The Russian military is reportedly panicking due to Ukraine's progress, and Putin's inability to support allies militarily is causing insecurity. Russia expert Natia Seskuria notes that while Russia has economic allies like China, its power is waning, highlighted by Armenia's unanswered request for military aid against Azerbaijan. Georgia's EU membership bid adds complexity, with the Kremlin allegedly trying to prevent its success through hybrid activities.

Michelle Obama Gets Paid $741K for a One-Hour Speech About Diversity and Inclusion at Conference

25 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
Michelle Obama earned $741,000 for a one-hour speech at the Bits & Pretzels conference in Munich, focusing on diversity and inclusion. The event coincided with Oktoberfest and featured various speakers. Michelle's fee is among the highest ever paid by the forum, nearly double what Joe Biden earns annually as President. Speculation about her potential 2024 presidential candidacy persists, though she denies seeking office. The Obamas have significantly increased their income through speaking engagements, a $65 million publishing deal with Penguin, and a contract with Netflix. Michelle's book, 'The Light We Carry,' was promoted on a six-city U.S. tour.

California mother Had Limbs Amputated After Eating Bad Tilapia

22 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
Laura Barajas, a 40-year-old mother from San Jose, California, underwent amputation of all her limbs after eating tilapia contaminated with flesh-eating bacteria, Vibrio vulnificus. A GoFundMe campaign raised over $123,000 to support her family as her partner, Jose Valdez, faces financial strain due to reduced income and mounting hospital bills. The CDC reports that Vibrio vulnificus infections can be fatal and often require intensive care or amputations.

Putin's Interest in Armenia Grows Amid Regime Change

21 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
Tensions in Nagorno-Karabakh have escalated following Azerbaijan's missile strikes, leading to a swift victory and raising concerns about Vladimir Putin's next move. Armenian President Nikol Pashinyan's shift towards the West has strained relations with Russia, with experts speculating that Putin may consider overthrowing Pashinyan. Public dissatisfaction with Pashinyan's leadership is growing, especially after his failure to protect Nagorno-Karabakh's Armenian population. Armenia's historical ties with Russia are weakening as it seeks closer ties with the West, despite the risks. Russian officials have criticized Pashinyan's alignment with NATO and support for Ukraine, suggesting potential consequences.

Lightning Strikes 2 People on Mexican Beach

20 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
A video capturing the moment two individuals were struck by lightning on a beach in Aquila, Michoacan, Mexico, has gone viral. One victim, a tourist, died instantly, while the other, a local hammock seller, succumbed to injuries in the hospital. A third person was injured but survived. The incident has prompted widespread condolences. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration clarified that lightning can strike the same place multiple times. The article also recounts a separate incident involving Amber Escudero-Kontostathis, who survived a lightning strike near the White House, detailing her recovery journey.

3 Babies Found Dead in Incest House in Poland

19 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
In Czerniki, Poland, three deceased newborns were found in a home, leading to the arrest of Piotr Gierasik, 54, and his daughter Paulina, 20, on murder charges and allegations of incest. The local community had long suspected abuse within the family. Social workers discovered the bodies following a tip-off. The father, a widower, raised numerous children and was feared by villagers. Changes in Paulina's behavior and appearance raised suspicions, and the father is believed to have altered her appearance to prevent attraction from other men. Mariusz Duszyński from the District Prosecutor's Office in Gdańsk stated that Piotr faces three counts of murder and incest charges.

San Diego Shuts Down Sea Lion Sanctuary

19 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
The San Diego City Council unanimously voted to close Point La Jolla and Boomer Beach year-round to protect sea lions from human interference. The decision, supported by environmental organizations like the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society, aims to prevent harassment and ensure safety for both sea lions and visitors. While some opponents worry about setting a precedent for closing other public beaches, Councilmember Joe LaCava supports the closure as a necessary immediate measure, with potential for future long-term solutions.

Woman Shoots 5 People at Dierks Bentley's Denver Bar

17 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
A female shooter injured five bystanders outside Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row bar in Denver's Lower Downtown neighborhood after being denied entry due to suspected identification issues. The Denver Police Department is searching for the suspect and has released images to aid in her capture. The victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Eyewitness Madison Sharnowski described the chaos during the shooting, and public safety official Armando Saldate noted a verbal altercation preceded the event. The bar's spokesperson expressed concern about local criminal activity and the desire to work with city officials for improvements. A $2,000 reward is offered for information leading to the suspect's arrest.

Bullet Found in Missing Mom and Daughter case

15 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
Investigators in Raleigh County, West Virginia, are making significant progress in the decades-old case of the disappearance of Susan Carter and her daughter Natasha 'Alex' Carter, who vanished in 2000. The FBI, along with local law enforcement, has been actively pursuing leads, with recent activities at a residence in Mabscott. The case, which involved a custody dispute, has seen renewed focus with the West Virginia State Police now leading the investigation. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has also contributed by providing age-progressed photographs, and a $10,000 reward has been announced for information leading to a breakthrough.

Teacher Ellen Greenberg Stabbed Case Rejected by Court

14 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
A Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled against reopening the death investigation of Ellen Greenberg, who was found with 20 stab wounds in her Manayunk apartment in 2011. Despite the Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office and the State Attorney General's Office maintaining her death was a suicide, neuropathologist Lyndsey Emery's findings suggest otherwise. The Commonwealth Court acknowledged investigation deficiencies but was legally bound to favor the Medical Examiner's Office. Greenberg's family has an ongoing civil lawsuit alleging an official cover-up.

Photo of Hidden iPhone Placed in American Airlines Bathroom

13 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
A hidden iPhone allegedly recorded a 14-year-old girl in an American Airlines restroom, leading to an investigation by federal authorities. The incident, involving a male flight attendant, has sparked outrage from the girl's family and their legal representatives. Despite the serious nature of the allegations, no arrests have been made, and American Airlines has yet to reach out to the family. The FBI and the US Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts are handling the case, while the Massachusetts State Police initially responded. The family's legal team is pushing for accountability and justice.

Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Stalked Colleague Onto Cruise Ship

12 Sep 2023  |  knewz.com
Muriel Henriquez, a former colleague of the accused Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann, revealed that Heuermann stalked her onto a cruise ship, demonstrating his obsession with hunting. Heuermann, arrested for the murders of three young women found near Gilgo State Park in December 2010, is linked to the crimes through DNA evidence from a pizza crust. A gun vault was discovered at his residence, and Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison has expressed confidence in Heuermann's guilt. Heuermann, who pleaded not guilty, remains in custody facing multiple murder charges.

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