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Haider Husseini

Toronto, Canada
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About Haider
I am a freelance journalist, videographer, photographer and producer in Iraq, where I have been based most of my life. I have worked with different local, regional and international media outlets to cover conflict and political issues, but also document social trends and Iraq's underground as part of personal projects.

I am a native Arabic speaker and fluent English speaker. For commissions and inquiries, please contact me at:




+964 ******
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Business Politics Current Affairs

Iraq elections 2021: results to come Monday afternoon amid fears of low turnout

10 Oct 2021  |  The National
Iraq's first elections under a new electoral law saw a low voter turnout, with results expected to be announced within 24 hours of polls closing. Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi and other officials urged citizens to vote, emphasizing the importance of the elections for reform and development. Despite tight security measures and efforts to encourage participation, turnout was low, with only 41% of registered voters casting their ballots. The elections, held in response to demands from a pro-reform protest movement, are not expected to significantly alter the political landscape, with established parties likely to maintain power.

Iraq's young voters believe election can change political landscape

17 Sep 2021  |  The National
Iraqi youth are actively encouraging voter participation ahead of the October 10 elections, which promise to address anti-government protests. With 2.6 million young voters, many believe their votes can bring significant change. The elections, held under a reformed electoral law, aim to increase independent participation. Despite challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic and widespread disillusionment, young voters like Yasir Kamal and Hassan Mustafa remain hopeful. The government has requested UN monitoring to ensure fair elections, emphasizing the importance of youth involvement in shaping Iraq's future.

Meet the Baghdad drummer waking his neighbours on the banks of the Tigris

22 Jun 2021  |  The National
Sadiq Mohammed, a member of the government forces in Baghdad, takes a month off each year to serve as the suhoor drummer in the Shawaka neighbourhood, a tradition he inherited after the previous drummer was killed in a car bombing in 2011. Despite the pandemic and lockdowns, he continues to wake his neighbours for their pre-dawn meal during Ramadan, hoping to pass this tradition on to his sons.

Migrant workers stuck in virus-hit Iraq with no wages or way home

23 Jun 2020  |  Arab News
Thousands of migrant workers in Iraq, including Rajib Sheikh from Bangladesh and Nafis Abbas from Pakistan, are stranded without wages due to the economic impact of COVID-19 and the collapse in oil prices. The World Bank predicts a 10% GDP shrinkage for Iraq, exacerbating the fiscal crisis. Many businesses have suspended operations, and informal workers are at high risk of falling into deep poverty. The International Labour Organization reports that 95% of businesses have halted work, with significant layoffs. Efforts to repatriate workers are ongoing but costly. The Iraqi government has not provided sufficient support to businesses or workers, leading to widespread financial distress.

Iraqis began protesting in October of last year and almost immediately, Iraqi police responded with force. Then, militia members and supporters began victimising them, as well. Hear from one protestor who endured a week of captivity with unknown kidnapper

In the US it was toilet paper, in Mexico it's beer and in France, predictably, flour. The goods missing from stores reveal how the world is coping with coronavirus lockdowns.


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