Halima Athumani

Halima Athumani

Kampala, Uganda

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Halima Athumani

Halima Athumani is a journalist based in Kampala, Uganda. With 10 years experience in radio, i can do radio packages ranging from vox pops, feature packages, interviews and gathering news with a strong biase for health stories. I also have extensive experience doing text and photography. Any story you want done in Uganda and not Kampala alone, am the journalist you come to.
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This is a documentary produced by Banyak Films for Al Jazeera People and Power with Halima Athumani as the reporter. The story investigates Uganda's health pyramids specifically the dealings of Tianshe/Tiens a Chinese company that operates around the world.


HIV is still a huge challenge in Uganda and this story was about how the lack of HIV drugs forced Uganda to limit treatment to patients. Story was done for Anadolu Agency


This is a feature done for Anadolu Agency about Zika Virus and its origin in Uganda after news broke out of deaths in Brazil.


This was an education and development radio package done by Halima Athumani in Kenya and Uganda on how Madrassas are used to develop the girl child's education.


This is a radio package done for America Abroad Media about the devastating illegal wildlife trade of ivory coming from National Parks in Uganda and are sold to countries outside Africa.


A podcast done by Halima Athumani for Cambridge University after the February 18th Ugandan elections in Kampala Uganda, seeking the views of women about the concluded elections


This podcast was done by Halima Athumani for Cambridge University ahead of the February 18th Uganda Presidential elections

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