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Hamraz Ahmad

Islamabad, Pakistan
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About Hamraz
Hamraz Ahmad is a journalist.
English Punjabi Urdu
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People Have Considerable Complaints About The Job Hunting Process

08 Oct 2022  |  The Baltimore Times
Job seekers express significant concerns about the job hunting process, including lengthy interviews, lack of pay transparency, and false job listings. A survey commissioned by Adzuna and conducted by OnePoll reveals that 75% of respondents find the process stressful and time-consuming. The lack of salary information is a major issue, with many candidates rejecting job offers upon learning the pay. Doug Monro, CEO of Adzuna, emphasizes the need for employers to be transparent about salaries to attract and retain talent. The study highlights the importance of clear communication and fair compensation in job advertisements.

Zoo Names Baby Elephant After Queen Elizabeth II

26 Sep 2022  |  www.newsweek.com
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, England, named a baby elephant 'Nang Phaya' in honor of their patron, the late Queen Elizabeth II. The name, meaning 'queen' in Thai, was chosen by ZSL conservationists in Thailand. The female calf, born to mother Donna who met the Queen in 2017, is seen as a future matriarch and an important addition to the endangered species breeding program for Asian elephants. Asian elephants are classified as Endangered, with as few as 7,000 left in South-East Asia. The calf is energetic, playful, and growing rapidly, embodying a symbolic connection to the conservation efforts in Thailand.

Bernard Shaw Dies at 82, Icon of TV News Remembered

09 Sep 2022  |  www.newsweek.com
Bernard Shaw, a pioneering African American news anchor and the first chief anchor for CNN, died at the age of 82. Shaw was known for his neutral reporting style and significant moments in broadcast journalism, including a tough question to Michael Dukakis during a 1988 presidential debate. Despite some criticism for his stance on the Iraq War and the Israel-Palestine conflict, Shaw was celebrated for his contributions to journalism, receiving multiple awards and honors throughout his career.

Development space?

26 Jun 2022  |  thenews.com.pk
The IMF expressed concerns over Pakistan's payment schedules to Chinese power producers, but later clarified that Pakistan's response was satisfactory. A staff-level agreement is expected to release a $1 billion IMF tranche to aid Pakistan's economy. The IMF's disapproval of payments to Chinese IPPs has been discredited, but Chinese investments remain a contentious issue. Pakistan faces power shortages and potential plant shutdowns due to non-payment and fuel import difficulties. The IMF and US have criticized China's development assistance as a 'debt-trap', complicating Pakistan's development choices. Pakistan's historical partnership with the US and its reliance on Chinese finance through CPEC have both been insufficient to prevent economic instability. The IMF's current austerity drive includes costs paid to Chinese IPPs, and Pakistan struggles to balance its creditors, risking default and social unrest. The geopolitics of development limits Pakistan's autonomy in development planning.

NAB Laws: Has Accountability Ever Been An End Goal In Pakistan?

24 Jun 2022  |  The Friday Times
Brigadier (retd) Musaddiq Abbasi revealed plans to conclude corruption cases against politicians by December 2022, potentially affecting the next general elections in Pakistan. The PML-N-led government amended NAB laws to prevent disqualification, which the author criticizes as a move to weaken accountability. The article discusses historical instances of political purges and accountability being used to suppress opposition, drawing parallels with current events. The author, Hamraz Sarwani, an independent analyst and teacher at Bahria University, argues that true accountability has not been the end goal in Pakistan's political landscape, but rather a means to consolidate power.

How Imran Khan Leads a Cult Modeled In The State’s Own Image

10 May 2022  |  The Friday Times
Imran Khan, the ousted Prime Minister of Pakistan, is leading massive protests against his dismissal, claiming it was a result of a U.S.-backed conspiracy. His party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), is accused of fostering a cult-like following, using religion to label opponents as enemies of the state. The article draws parallels between Khan's leadership and historical authoritarian trends in Pakistan, warning of a potential future marked by increased political and religious chauvinism. The resurgence of extremist groups like Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan and the Pakistani Taliban further complicates the political landscape.

Why Kabul is not Saigon

21 Aug 2021  |  Al Jazeera
The article compares the US withdrawal from Afghanistan with the fall of Saigon, highlighting differences such as the lack of international solidarity with the Taliban and the absence of a proportionate power backing them, unlike the Vietnam War. It discusses the US's role in weaponizing Islamist forces against the Soviets and the subsequent rise of Islamic fundamentalism as a threat to its hegemony. The piece argues that the US's departure from Afghanistan represents a defeated America, contrasting with the post-Vietnam era. It emphasizes that the Taliban should not be romanticized as anti-imperialist, predicting a difficult recovery for the region post-withdrawal.

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