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Hani Hazaimeh

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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About Hani
Hani Hazaimeh has been working as the Managing Editor as well as the Business Development Manager at the Saudi leading English Daily Arab News for the past one year. Before that, he worked as a senior reporter/ editor the The Jordan Times, Jordan's only Political English-language daily newspaper, since 2000. The Jordan Times provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of national, regional and world events on a daily basis and is considered one of the most important English language sources of cultural, economic, social and political information in the Arab world.

Besides the Jordan Times, Hani has written for a variety of publications such as Venture Magazine, Hatem Magazine, Ammonnews website, Al Rai Daily, the largest daily newspaper in Jordan and the US most popular news website Huffington Post. He worked as the official translator of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

Born and raised in Jordan, Hani spent two years at Prince Faisal College, one year at The Defence Language Institute in the US and graduated with an English Language Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
Arabic English
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Fact Checking

Abbas open to a trilateral confederation with Jordan and Israel

05 Sep 2018  |  Arab News
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas expressed openness to a trilateral confederation with Jordan and Israel when approached by US President Donald Trump's negotiating team. This idea, however, faced opposition from Jordanians and Palestinians who demand an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital before any confederation talks. The article traces the historical context of the confederation concept, noting the 1950 unity decision between the two banks of Jordan and the establishment of the PLO in 1964. It covers the aftermath of the Six-Day War in 1967, King Hussein's 1972 proposal for a United Arab Kingdom, and the eventual disengagement of Jordan from the West Bank in 1988. The article also touches on the peace process, including the Madrid Conference in 1991 and the subsequent peace treaty between Jordan and Israel in 1994. Jordan's current stance rejects any confederation talks until an independent Palestinian state is established, with King Abdullah emphasizing that peace cannot be achieved as long as Israel occupies Palestinian territories.

Jordan seeks to break backbone of corruption

14 Aug 2018  |  Arab News
Jordan is facing significant challenges with corruption, which is seen as a major obstacle for businesses and investment in the country. The government, under the new leadership of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, has vowed to tackle corruption head-on. This commitment was tested with the exposure of a multimillion-dollar corruption case involving counterfeit cigarette production, which implicated businessman Awni Motee and several officials. Motee fled the country, but Interpol has since issued a red warrant for his arrest. The case has garnered significant attention, with MPs and government officials publicly discussing the need for transparency and the pursuit of justice. King Abdullah II has expressed his support for the anti-corruption efforts, emphasizing that no one is above the law. The government has issued arrest warrants for 30 suspects, with 16 arrests made, including Motee's sons. The case is part of a broader effort to restore investor confidence by eradicating corruption and addressing the systemic issues that have allowed it to flourish.

Killing in cold blood

06 Apr 2016  |  Arab News
The article discusses the killing of a Jordanian judge by Israeli soldiers at the Allenby crossing between Jordan and the occupied West Bank. The incident, where the judge was shot after allegedly trying to grab a soldier's gun, has sparked outrage among Jordanians, leading to protests and clashes with police near the Israeli Embassy in Jordan. Eyewitnesses contest the Israeli claim, suggesting the judge was reacting to being pushed by a soldier. The event has strained diplomatic relations, with Jordan demanding an investigation and the public and Parliament members calling for actions such as expelling the Israeli ambassador and releasing a Jordanian prisoner, Ahmad Dagamseh, in retaliation. The Jordanian government faces pressure and a potential vote of confidence.

The lost chance

06 Apr 2016  |  Arab News
The article discusses the Jordanian Parliament's failure to present a united front against Israel following the killing of Jordanian judge Raed Zeiter by an Israeli soldier. The incident caused outrage among Jordanians and parliamentarians threatened to take action against their own government if it did not defend its citizens. However, when a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour's government was brought to the Parliament, the majority of MPs voted in favor of the government, including those who had previously been vocal critics. The author expresses skepticism that Jordanians will have faith in their representatives again, citing the Parliament's repeated disappointments and inability to unify and support public demands in the face of injustice.

Terror versus diplomacy

14 May 2014  |  Arab News
Jordanian Ambassador Mohammed Itan was kidnapped in Tripoli and has now been safely released after weeks in captivity. The abduction is one of many in Libya since the civil war ended in 2011. Jordan formed a crisis management committee to handle the situation, which resulted in Itan's release. The kidnappers had demanded the release of Libyan prisoner Mohammad Dersi in exchange for Itan. Dersi was serving a life sentence in Jordan for a 2006 bombing plot. Despite the demands, Jordan's government managed to secure Itan's release without directly submitting to the kidnappers' terms, instead extraditing Dersi to Libya under a pre-existing agreement. The article discusses the balance between transparency and the need for secrecy in diplomatic efforts, especially when human lives are at stake.

Translating Human Suffering

10 Jun 2011  |  HuffPost
The article recounts the author's experience as a translator for Human Rights Watch in Ramtha, near the Jordan-Syria border. The author describes the emotional and ethical challenges faced while translating the testimonies of Syrian refugees who have suffered under the Syrian regime's brutal crackdown on dissent. The refugees shared graphic accounts of torture, humiliation, and mass detentions. The Syrian government's media lockdown has made it difficult for such stories to reach the international community. The author expresses frustration at the lack of response from the international community and the Arab League to the atrocities committed by the Syrian regime.

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