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Hazel Thomas

Ipswich, United Kingdom
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About Hazel
Hazel Thomas is a writer based in Ipswich, United Kingdom.
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Why Isn’t It called ‘Equalism’ instead of ‘Feminism’ if It’s About Equality? Men Need Help, Too.

13 Jul 2018  |  theartsliving.blogspot.com
The article by Lauren Suchenski discusses the term 'Feminism' and its implications for gender equality. The author questions why some people are uncomfortable with the term and compares it to the Black Lives Matter movement, emphasizing the importance of addressing specific issues rather than generalizing with terms like 'All Lives Matter.' The article argues that feminism is intersectional and aims for equality across all genders, not just women. It acknowledges that while women have historically been less privileged, the patriarchal system also negatively affects other genders, including transgender and intersex individuals. The author suggests that the term 'Equalism' might seem more inclusive to some, but changing the term does not address the root issues of inequality. The complexity of the association between maleness and patriarchy is also explored, noting that while it provides privilege, it can also be harmful due to overgeneralization and lack of individual consideration.

Let's Talk About Death, Baby

13 Jul 2018  |  theartsliving.blogspot.com
The article reflects on the author's personal experience with grief and the societal approach to death. The author listened to a lecture by Professor Tom Kirkwood on BBC Radio 4 about the relationship between sex and death, which led to contemplation on how life's major events, birth and death, are treated. The author shares an experience of picking up the ashes of Bronte, presumably a pet, and bringing them to a therapy session. The therapist's warm greeting to Bronte's ashes is highlighted as a thoughtful gesture. The article discusses the varied reactions of friends and family to grief, the importance of communication, and the need to be understanding and supportive. The author concludes with a poem emphasizing that death is not contagious and encourages more open conversations about it.

Article for SadGirls Club Me and My Shadow: Tears, Fears, and Years of Living with Depression

Black Girls Boarding: Identity and Diversity in Britain’s Private Schools

14 Aug 2017  |  Medium
Zelly Lisanework reflects on her personal experience as a black girl in Britain's private boarding schools. She recounts her initial cultural shock upon moving from Ethiopia to England at the age of 11, her struggle with identity, and the cultural differences between her Ethiopian and British heritage. Lisanework discusses the lack of black diversity within the school, mentioning an incident where a head of school repeatedly confused the names of black students. She cites statistics from the Independent Schools Council survey on Ethnic Diversity, noting a slight increase in African pupils since her own school years but acknowledging that there is still significant progress to be made in terms of diversity.

10 Black British Activists You Should Know

09 Aug 2017  |  Medium
The article by Zelly Lisanework discusses the representation of black British female activists in the media, particularly critiquing the miniseries 'Guerrilla' for its portrayal of black women. The author provides a list of notable black British female activists who have made significant contributions to various social movements, including the fight for race equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and feminism. The activists mentioned have been involved in organizations such as the United Black Women’s Action Group, the Organisation of Women of Asian and African Descent, and UK Black Pride. The article also acknowledges the resources that aided the author's research, including Black Twitter, Facebook, the British Library, and the Fighters Archive, and recommends Gal Dem as a resource for learning about women in the Black British Panthers.

Gecko Theatre's 'The Wedding' - A Blend of Global Traditions and Emotional Storytelling

24 Apr 2017  |  Theatre Bubble
Gecko Theatre's new show 'The Wedding' returned to Ipswich, captivating audiences with its unique blend of physical theatre and diverse cultural elements. The show, which debuted at Pulse Festival in 2016, is known for its unpredictability and has garnered interest for its innovative storytelling. 'The Wedding' explores themes of conformity, tradition, and personal struggle through a mix of languages and national identities, with a particular focus on wedding traditions. The performance features a rich tapestry of emotional expression, from humor to sadness, and utilizes powerful imagery and symbolism. The show's next run is scheduled at the Warwick Arts Centre, with tickets available online or through their box office. The article also lists the creative team and performers involved in the production.

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