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About Heather
Innovative educator and professional academic/technicsl writer driven to develop, analyze and interpret the most current research to modify an assigned product to meet a client’s demands. Savvy web designer, social media marketer and content creator equipped with a solid knowledge base from years of experience in interpreting research data, current events, media, acadamics, writing, and editing. Meticulously detailed with an assiduous work ethic, always striving for excellence.Looking to continue my development while also expanding my spectrum of knowledge within a new,and challenging position.
Interview (Video / Broadcast) News Gathering Feature Stories
Fact Checking

JFK Airport Planespotting Guide

19 May 2024  |  NYCAviation
The guide provides detailed information on various planespotting locations around JFK Airport, including directions, security advisories, photography tips, and notes for each spot. It emphasizes the importance of carrying ID, respecting local laws, and being courteous to others in the area. The guide also includes example photos from each location to illustrate the views and angles available.

Morocco's Gnawa musicians bring ancient songs to modern audiences

17 Dec 2023  |  cbsnews.com
Gnawa music, originating from enslaved Black Africans in Morocco, has historically been a form of oral history and a coping mechanism for suffering. It influenced the blues in America and is celebrated at the annual Gnawa World Music Festival in Essaouira, Morocco. Actors like Bob Wisdom and musicians such as Sulaiman Hakim and Hamid el Kasri have praised its cultural significance and healing power. The music, which includes instruments like the krakebs and gimbri, is now gaining popularity in secular contexts and inspiring new generations of musicians.

Get To The Chopper! My First Time Spotting From A Helicopter.

01 Oct 2023  |  NYCAviation
The author shares a personal bucket list experience of taking a helicopter ride over LAX airport, facilitated by Star Helicopters. The detailed narrative covers the planning, the flight experience with pilot Philipp, and the joy of photographing aircraft from the air. The experience is highly praised, highlighting the professionalism of Star Helicopters and the unique opportunity to capture aerial photographs.

Drumroll Please….. Here’s the dates for #SpotLAX2023!

01 Oct 2022  |  www.nycaviation.com
SpotLAX, the aviation spotting event, will celebrate its 10th anniversary from September 8-10, 2023, in Los Angeles. The event is coordinated with Brett Snyder's Cranky Dorkfest, which is scheduled for September 9th. Further details about SpotLAX will be released in the coming months, with a focus on enhancing accessibility and making it the best event yet.

UPDATED: #SpotLAX2021, What You Need To Know

17 Aug 2021  |  NYCAviation
NYCAviation announces updates for the #SpotLAX2021 event, including safety measures due to COVID-19, such as mask mandates and cancellation of the evening dinner event. The event will feature plane spotting, social gatherings, and the Cranky Dorkfest. Attendees are advised to book flexible travel arrangements and check the operational hours of local attractions, which may have changed due to the pandemic. The H Hotel's rooftop deck will be open for the event, and there are suggestions for other aviation-themed activities around Los Angeles.

UPDATED: #SpotLAX2021, What You Need To Know

17 Aug 2021  |  NYCAviation
The #SpotLAX2021 event, scheduled for September 17-19, has updated its guidelines due to COVID-19. Masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces per LA County mandate. The evening dinner event is canceled, but Cranky Dorkfest and other activities will proceed with safety measures. The H Hotel's rooftop deck will be open, and various local attractions have updated their hours and entry requirements. Attendees are encouraged to book accommodations with flexibility and follow health guidelines. The event promises planespotting, social activities, and aviation-themed attractions.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act amendments

19 Jul 2021  |  Manning River Times
Residents of the Manning River area are concerned that proposed amendments to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act in the Federal Parliament will not provide the necessary protections to prevent species loss and environmental degradation. The current bill, which includes the creation of National Environmental Standards and an Environmental Assurance Commissioner, does not align with the recommendations of the Independent Review by Professor Graeme Samuel. Stronger, legally binding standards and an independent regulator are needed to halt the extinction crisis, and the Environment Minister's plan to develop new standards within two years is deemed insufficient.

Maine Voices: Students aren’t the only ones who’d benefit from stricter vaccine rules

09 Apr 2019  |  www.pressherald.com
The article advocates for the support of L.D. 798, a legislative act aimed at repealing certain exemptions from immunization requirements to protect public health. The author, a mother of three and wife of a third-grade teacher with multiple sclerosis, emphasizes the importance of vaccines in preventing diseases and protecting vulnerable individuals. She highlights personal experiences and the risks posed by unvaccinated individuals, urging legislators to uphold the safety net provided by vaccines.

Nasdaq's Troubleshooting to Transformation

30 Aug 2018  |  bobsguide
The article discusses the transformative potential of AI in finance, as highlighted at the Dublin Tech Summit. It explores the current state and future of quantum computing, and details PayPal Ventures' strategic investment in AI through Rasa. Nasdaq's journey from troubleshooting to transformation is also examined.

Five of the World's Best Airport Viewing Areas

01 Jul 2014  |  NYCAviation
NYCAviation presents a list of five exceptional airport viewing areas for aviation enthusiasts, including Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel with its special outdoor viewing deck, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's fenceless spotter-friendly locations, the thrilling experiences at Maho Beach in St. Maarten, the casual atmosphere at In-N-Out Burger near LAX, and the family-friendly Munich International Airport with its visitor's park and tours. The article also discloses that it is sponsored by Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel, which is recommended for its plane spotter-friendly amenities.

The Aircraft Viewing Areas of South Florida

01 Apr 2014  |  NYCAviation
South Florida's three main airports—Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach—each offer unique aircraft viewing areas that attract aviation enthusiasts. Fort Lauderdale's viewing area is notable for its proximity to the runway and a loudspeaker broadcasting air traffic control audio. Miami's viewing area, known as 'the holes,' features holes in the fence for unobstructed photography. Palm Beach offers a quieter experience with a low fence for easy viewing and photography.

British Airways Cabin Crews Steps Closer to Strike

01 Feb 2010  |  nycaviation.com
British Airways Unite cabin crew staff have voted in favor of strike action in response to proposed changes to cabin crew hours and crew level cuts. Although no date for the strike has been set, the vote shows significant support with 81% of the 80% of voting members in agreement. This follows a previously blocked attempt to strike during Christmas. British Airways is seeking to resolve the issue, expressing disappointment at the ballot's outcome and describing the threat of industrial action as unjustified. Unite has called for resolution through negotiation, not litigation or intimidation, with Shop Stewards planning to meet to discuss potential strike days.

Boeing 787 Completes Stall Tests and Fatigue Testing Airframe Update

01 Feb 2010  |  NYCAviation
The Boeing 787 has successfully completed between 50 and 60 stall tests, with Chief Pilot Mike Carriker reporting no surprises and positive outcomes. Additionally, the fatigue test airframe has been placed on the structural test rig at Boeing's Everett plant in Washington State, with testing set to begin in mid-2010. These tests are crucial for simulating the aircraft's performance over an extended period.

The Logbook: Come Fly the Irate Skies

01 Dec 2009  |  NYCAviation
A passenger on American Airlines Flight 614 faced an irate flight attendant, leading to an altercation and subsequent investigation. Senator Chuck Schumer had a confrontation with a US Airways flight attendant over cell phone use. FlyGlobespan ceased operations after its parent company, Globespan, went into receivership. Engine trouble on a Batavia Air 737 caused panic and injuries among passengers at Ngurah Rai Airport in Indonesia.

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