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Heather Galloway

Heather Galloway is a journalist based in Madrid, Spain. I write articles, translate and edit for El País,  and features on political/social issues in Spain for Euronews as well as other outlets. I was senior writer on Hello! magazine but this does not reflect the material I am now focusing on, which is of a much more general and news oriented nature. I have lived in Spain for 28 years and communicate in Spanish with ease.

English Spanish

An interview with the oldest man in the world to summit 12 of the 14 8,000 plus peaks.


Fighting poverty in Uganda with community tourism.


Three Madrid therapists discuss building resilience in children.


A feature on the Roma community merging with mainstream society after 600 years of discrimination,


News piece on wolf pack judges acquitting a man who tried to strangle his wife in Navarre.


A feature on the use of recycled plastic in high fashion with interviews with top Madrid designer.

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