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Paris, France

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Helena Hermanns

Primarily a TECH / AUTO freelance journalist with Agence France Presse - Relax News. Writing hard news and occasional features, which are then published by news aggregators such as Yahoo, Msn, CTV News, as well as multiple other news stations across Asia. 

Also worked with Tom's Hardware on articles based on 'deals' and offers on Amazon. 

Furthermore, collaborated on press releases for brands in the automobile sector, for example Renault, Audi and Total.

Happy to explore other avenues and get an opportunity to write different types of articles. Feel free to contact me with any queries.



An article on some of the interesting unveilings at Google I/O 2018


A piece on the latest Mercedes AMG GT Roadster S, published by Yahoo


Here is a piece I wrote for CTV News regarding the race to becoming the first smartphone manufacturer to bring a foldable screen to market.

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