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Henrik Pryser Libell

Oslo, Norway
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About Henrik
Henrik Pryser Libell is a journalist based in Oslo, Norway.
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Russian spies take hold in Norway - pretend to be Brazilians and fly drones

13 Dec 2022
A guest researcher at Tromsø University in Norway, who claimed to be Brazilian but could not speak Portuguese, was arrested by the Norwegian Security Police (PST) on October 24, 2022. The individual, who self-funded his visit and offered to reorganize the main website of the Peace Studies Center where he worked, was revealed to be a Russian spy named Michailas Mikušinas.

In a wary Arctic, Norway starts to see Russian spies everywhere

13 Dec 2022
Norway is experiencing heightened vigilance against potential Russian espionage, particularly after incidents involving drone sightings over critical infrastructure and the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines. The country, now a major oil and gas supplier to Europe, is on alert for sabotage and espionage, leading to several arrests of Russian citizens for flying drones, which Norway interprets as a violation of European sanctions. High-profile cases include Andrey Yakunin, who has been charged but not accused of spying. Legal and human rights questions arise as Norway navigates its response to these security concerns, with some cases leading to acquittals and appeals. The situation reflects broader security jitters in the Arctic, a region with a history of espionage dating back to the Cold War.

Norway mass shooting is being investigated as terrorism, police say

26 Jun 2022
A mass shooting outside London Pub, a gay nightclub in Oslo, Norway, is being investigated as an act of terrorism and a hate crime. The 42-year-old Norwegian-Iranian suspect, known to security services since 2015, was detained and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. The attack resulted in two deaths and 21 injuries, prompting the cancellation of Oslo's Pride parade. Despite the cancellation, an impromptu march and rally occurred. Norway's Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store and other officials condemned the attack, while the community expressed shock and called for solidarity.

Town rattled by bow-and-arrow killings ponders terrorism and mental illness

19 Oct 2021
In Kongsberg, Norway, Espen Andersen Brathen confessed to killing five people with a bow and arrow, initially raising concerns of Islamic extremism due to his conversion to Islam and the randomness of the attacks. However, further investigation and personal accounts suggest Brathen's actions were influenced by his mental health issues rather than ideology. Local police and psychiatric services are under scrutiny for their handling of Brathen's case, as he had a history of psychological problems and had been previously flagged by authorities. The town mourned the victims, with a memorial service attended by the royal family and members of the local mosque.

New York’s Jails Are Failing. Is the Answer 3,600 Miles Away?

12 Nov 2019
New York City officials, recognizing the failures of Rikers Island, are looking to Norway's humane correctional system for inspiration as they plan to rebuild the city's jails. Norway's prisons, with a focus on rehabilitation and strong relationships between officers and inmates, contrast sharply with the punitive nature of American jails. Despite significant differences between the two locations, such as population size, crime rates, and social safety nets, New York aims to become a national model of more humane incarceration. The city's new jails will be integrated into densely populated neighborhoods, replacing the Rikers Island complex by 2026. The initiative is part of a broader movement to reform the criminal justice system and reduce recidivism.

Norway’s Viking Ships Defied Time, but Tourism May Be a Fiercer Foe

04 Sep 2019
The Viking longships Oseberg and Gokstad, displayed at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, face preservation challenges due to high tourist traffic. The Norwegian government has allocated $200 million for a new museum to safeguard these cultural treasures. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the ships' historical roles, they are considered significant to Norway's cultural identity. The Viking era's popularity, fueled by television series, has increased interest in Norwegian history, leading to new exhibitions and digital experiences. The government's funding decision comes after years of warnings about the potential disintegration of the ships.

A security expert tied to WikiLeaks vanishes, and the internet is abuzz

07 Sep 2018
Arjen Kamphuis, a Dutch cybersecurity expert with ties to WikiLeaks, has been missing since August 20, after last being seen in Bodo, Norway. Despite a wide-ranging investigation involving multiple countries and false leads, his whereabouts remain unknown. Kamphuis, known for his strong opinions and privacy activism, was on vacation and had plans to return to the Netherlands. The case has sparked internet conspiracy theories and a cross-border search effort, with Norwegian police and crowdsourced online campaigns actively looking for clues.

As fringe groups adopt Viking symbols, Nordic unease is enough to sink a ship

30 Mar 2018
In Sweden, the adoption of Viking symbols by pagan worshippers and their use in various branding initiatives has led to political tension and social unease due to associations with neo-Nazi groups like the Nordic Resistance Movement. While mainstream uses of Viking imagery are widespread, the extremist appropriation of these symbols has concerned professionals and organizations, prompting responses from groups like 'Vikings Against Racism.' Experts note the broad range of interpretations of Viking culture due to limited historical knowledge, while some pagan groups work to distance themselves from nationalist interpretations and emphasize commitments against racial discrimination.

Trash in the fjords? Norway turns to drones

09 Mar 2018
Norway's fjords, a symbol of natural beauty, are increasingly filled with garbage, prompting environmentalists and the Oslo Port Authority to take action. A plan to use drones to locate underwater trash has been approved, with a cleanup fleet including an electric-powered ship with a crane to be operational by next year. The initiative follows public concern over marine life affected by plastic waste. Despite the cleanup efforts, Norway continues to allow offshore dumping of mining waste, a practice criticized by environmentalists. The Royal Norwegian Navy is also addressing the issue of WWII mines in the fjords, with over 1,550 still present and some leaking, posing risks to ships and marine life.

Trash in the Fjords? Norway Turns to Drones

04 Mar 2018
Norway's pristine fjords, a symbol of natural beauty, are increasingly polluted with garbage, including sunken Viking artifacts and cars. Environmentalists and officials in Oslo are alarmed, prompting the Oslo Port Authority to approve a plan to use drones to locate underwater trash for removal. The initiative, which includes an electric-powered ship with a crane, is set to begin this spring. The article also touches on Norway's controversial practice of offshore dumping of mining waste and the need to address WWII mines in the fjord. Christine Spiten, a drone operator and tech entrepreneur, is a key figure in the development of the drone technology for this project.

Anders Behring Breivik, Killer in 2011 Norway Massacre, Says Prison Conditions Violate His Rights He lives in a three-room suite with windows, about 340 square feet, that includes a treadmill, a fridge, a DVD player, a Sony PlayStation and a desk with a typewriter.Anders Behring Breivik returned to court on Tuesday to pursue his claim that his solitary confinement — albeit in cushy circumstances — violates his human rights. By HENRIK PRYSER LIBELLMARCH 15, 2016

18 Apr 2016

Norway Debates Overseas Ventures After Algeria Siege

28 Jan 2013
The siege in Algeria has sparked a debate in Norway about the extent to which its petroleum companies and workers should pursue resources and profits abroad. Statoil, a company with significant government ownership, confirmed the deaths of four employees in the attack. The incident has highlighted the risks for Norwegians working in unstable regions. Despite the wealth and benefits brought by the oil and gas industry, such as low unemployment and strong social services, the Algerian siege has raised questions about the country's energy policies and the safety of its workers overseas.

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