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* Ōsaka-shi, Japan

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Hiromi Tanoue

Hiromi Tanoue is a freelance video journalist, currently resides in Osaka, Japan. She's capable of producing video package from initial research to filming and editing as one-man band. She's available for any assignments including fixing and news production both inside and outside of Japan. Her reporting published at international media such as Reuters, AFP, Al Jazeera Plus, BBC Radio, and etc. She used to work as a full-time video journalist at AFPBB News, Japanese news website affiliated to AFP. Japanese Native and fluent in English.

Portfolio : www.hiromitanoue.com


English Japanese

'The Japanese Village of the Dolls' Radio report from a remote village in southern Japan, where human-sized dolls replaced for the missing residents in the village.


'Diving into the world of the dead' Reporting on two Japanese men who are looking for their missing families after the 2011 tsunami and earthquake.


Documented Japanese homeless dance group 'Newcomer “H” Sokerissa!'. Video and text in Japanese.


"Finding Beauty in What's Broken" Story of 'Kintsugi', Japanese art and philosophy of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered gold. Worked as Video Journalist.

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