Hisham Allam

Hisham Allam

Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Hisham Allam

Hisham Allam is a journalist based in Egypt, investigative reporter, Trainer, Coach.
News reports, feature stories, investigative reports, economics.




Syrian Refugees' entrepreneurs escaping conflict at home employ thousands of Egyptians, but the host government doesn’t seem to appreciate their contributions to the economy.


“Throughout a whole year, we have been looking up the leaked documents from Mossack Fonseca; one of the biggest organizations in the worlds that works in the field of establishing Off Shore companies Panama papers show that Alaa Mubarak was able in cooperation with his supporters in prison to hide his shares in an offshore company in which he hides his smuggled money. Mossack Fonseca Company which helped its clients who are involved in war crimes, children sexual abuse and drugs trade has cut its relation with the eldest son of the former president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak and they considered him an unwelcomed client after being accused by the authorities of the British Virgin Islands of violating the law of money laundry because of one of the companies owned by Alaa Mubarak. This investigation has been made by Hisham Allam, member of ICIJ in Washington DC.

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