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Hung-Chin Chen

Taipei, Taiwan
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About Hung-Chin
Hung-Chin Chen is a journalist based in Taipei, Taiwan.
She is an award-winning journalist with over thirteen years of media experience. She specializes in cross-strait relations, US-China-Taiwan relations, Chinese human rights issues, gender issues, and investigative reporting. Currently holding a media executive position.
Content Writing
Investigative Reporting

Exclusive interview with Mark Simon, the personal assistant to former Next Digital CEO Jimmy Lai, discussing Lai's mental state before his imprisonment and the potential Chinese involvement in the sale of Next Digital.

The Prisoner of the State: Lawyer Wang Quanzhang from China's 709 Crackdown

09 Jul 2020  |  tw.news.yahoo.com
Wang Quanzhang, the last person involved in China's '709 crackdown', returned home in April after nearly five years of disappearance. In early July, under heavy surveillance, he gave a video interview to this publication, which was repeatedly interrupted for unknown reasons. Despite the interruptions, Wang spoke about his nearly five years of detention, including being subjected to residential surveillance at a designated location, frequent relocations, interrogations, forced confessions, torture, sentencing, and eventual release. The crackdown affected over 320 people, leading to a shortage of human rights lawyers in China and a chilling effect on the legal community. Wang Quanzhang, who refused to plead guilty or accept any 'exchange conditions' offered by the government, was the last to be tried. He was sentenced for 'subverting state power' and was deprived of political rights for five years. His experiences reflect the harsh treatment of human rights lawyers in China and the broader issues of political repression and the struggle for justice.

Exclusive Investigation: The Case of Zhou Hongxu, Taiwan's First 'Mainland Student Spy'

01 Nov 2017  |  端傳媒 Initium Media
Zhou Hongxu, a former exchange student from Liaoning, China, who studied in Taiwan, was arrested in Taipei and charged with espionage for attempting to recruit spies for China. Despite initially confessing, Zhou later claimed he was not a spy but was instead set up by Taiwanese authorities. The case has raised questions about Taiwan's counter-espionage efforts and cross-strait relations, as Zhou's actions were initially seen as part of peaceful exchanges between Taiwan and China. The Taipei District Court sentenced Zhou to 14 months in prison for his attempts to develop an organization for China's party affairs, but the case is currently under appeal.

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