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Hilden, Germany

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Hüseyin Topel

Hüseyin Topel is a journalist based in Hilden, Germany.

He was born in Cologne, Germany and studied at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf Media and Cultural Sciences. He worked for several Turkish Newspapers, some of them don´t exist no more.

In 2015 he worked as a freelance journalist for the Turkish Desk of Euronews in Lyon, France.

He made a volunteer at the German daily newspaper Die Welt, where he wrote about domestic politics.

Since October 2015 he is producing religious and political content as a freelance journalist for the German national radio DEUTSCHLANDFUNK. 

At the same time he ist working as a freelance journalist for the German national television ARD and ZDF, especially in topics about Turkey, turkish and muslim community in Germany and Europe.

He is at the same time still writing articles for the German page of Euronews, the Deutsch-Türkisches-Journal and Correctiv! Ruhr.

You can finde some of his works on his homepage: http://www.huseyintopel.com/blog


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