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Iason Athanasiadis

Iason Athanasiadis is a multimedia videojournalist based between Athens, Istanbul and Tunis. Iason has covered the MENA region since 1998, is native in Greek and English, near-native in Arabic and Persian, and conversational in Turkish. He is available for all stories related to migration, economic issues, heritage and the environment. 
His private work focuses on the Mediterranean, and in particular on how once-cosmopolitan, now-neglected port cities can recover from the effects of colonialism and nationalist narratives while adapting to the era of climate change, mass migration, and the misapplication of distorted modernities on heritage and regional traditions.

First/Last Stop on the East Med: a short video introduction to a piece on the refugee landing experience on the Greek island of Lesvos/Mytilini


A promotional video shot for the launch of the Refugees Deeply website.


Protecting Tunisia’s Heritage: a feature shot for UNESCO during this season of unprecedented heritage destruction sweeping the Middle East and North Africa, about how some young Tunisians are taking matters into their own hands and raising awareness about the importance of protecting their culture before it's too late.


The Angel of Catania, a feature about a Moroccan-Italian activist who helped migrants and refugees seeking to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy's Sicily.


‘I Only Went to School for One Day’ - a short video for UNESCO's Education initiative on schooling for young Syrian refugees.


A documentary I shot about the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon for UNICEF

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