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Idelette Bissuu

Bamako, Mali
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About Idelette
Idelette Bissuu is a journalist based in Bamako

Audiovisual specialty, particularly in the production chain which goes from proposing the subject to filming and editing, including writing the text and voice-over.
In correspondence, she collaborates with European and African media in the field of producing stories for magazines or television news as well as for web journalism and written press.
Its interests are focused on topics related to security, economics, politics, health, environment and culture. Its coverage concerns Africa in particular. Based south of the Sahara, with her pen and her voice, she works alongside the national editorial offices of African countries and adds to her professional experience collaborations with Western media groups.

Passionate about issues of culture, health, environment, economics, scie

Idelette Bissuu est une journaliste basée à Bamako

Spécialité audiovisuelle notamment dans la chaîne de production qui va de la proposition du sujet au tournage et montage en passant par l'écriture du texte et la voix off. 
En correspondance, elle collabore avec des médias européens et africains dans le domaine des productions de sujets pour les magazines ou des journaux télévisés ainsi que que pour le web-journalisme et presse écrite. 
Ses centres d'intérêt sont orientés sur les sujets liés à la sécurité, l'économie, la politique, la santé, l'environnement et la culture. Ses couvertures concernent notamment l'Afrique. Basée au sud du Sahara, avec sa plume et sa voix, elle côtoie les rédactions nationales des pays d'Afrique et ajoute à son expérience professionnelle des collaborations avec des groupes de médias occidentaux.

Passionnée de questions de culture, santé, environnement, économiques, sciences et innovations technologiques, elle est ouverte aux challenges qui se présentent à elle. 
Langue utilisée niveau expérimenté: le Français
Langue utilisée Niveau intermédiaire: l'Anglais (pour les conversations)
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
Finance Technology Science & Environment

Une visite dans un centre de santé de Bamako pour comprendre le temps d'attente après un test covid-19, dans un contexte où les cas augmentent de façon drastique.

De la terre, transformée par des doigts de fées en des couleurs arc-en-ciel au Mali. C'est une tradition qui se transmet de génération en génération: la technique de la teinture biologique. Un festival pour valoriser tout ça: Bogoja.

Au Mali, des femmes se lancent dans entrepreneuriat. A quelques kilomètres de la capitale Bamako, les habitantes de Siby ont opté pour la transformation du Karité.

Zoom sur une femme entreprenante devenue photographe professionnelle au Mali: une métier qui se féminise.

Mali: The non-declaration of assets by transitional authorities sparks debate

23 Oct 2020  |  Sputnik Afrique
Malian transitional authorities, including President Bah N’daw, Vice-President Assimi Goïta, and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane, have not publicly declared their assets as required by the Constitution and the Charter of Transition. This has raised concerns among the public and figures like political analyst Salia Samaké and anti-corruption lawyer Alifa Habib Koné, who argue that such a failure undermines the credibility of the transition and could warrant legal consequences. Previous presidents Alpha Omar Konaré and Amadou Toumani Touré, as well as former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, complied with the asset declaration law.

Release of Islamist prisoners in Mali: is there a fear of increased attacks?

16 Oct 2020  |  Sputnik Afrique
In Mali, the release of over 200 alleged jihadists in exchange for opposition leader Soumaïla Cissé and Western hostages has raised concerns, especially after a deadly attack in Central Mali that killed 24 people. The attack on FAMA forces in Sokoura was linked by public opinion to the prisoner release. Some released individuals, such as Fawaz Ould Ahmed and Aliou Mahamane Touré, have significant terrorist backgrounds, increasing fears of future attacks. Experts suggest increased military efforts and public awareness to prevent further offensives. The release is seen as potentially strengthening GSIM, an Al-Qaida affiliate, against Islamic State-affiliated groups. Despite efforts to address security in Central Mali, the threat appears to be spreading south.

Securing the future of the milk industry in Mali

29 Apr 2019  |  fr.euronews.com
Inspire Africa features a young entrepreneur in Mali who has created a sustainable ecosystem for local herders and farmers. The episode also covers the second edition of the Bushman Film Festival, a competition for smartphone-produced films in Côte d'Ivoire, and interviews a Ugandan beauty queen with social impact projects. The episode was filmed at the Doubletree Hilton hotel in Pointe-Noire, Congo.

The Pan-African museum that promotes black civilization

14 Jan 2019  |  fr.africanews.com
Inspire Africa features a guided tour of the Museum of Black Civilizations, which recently opened its doors in Dakar, Senegal.

Kalidou Kasse: The Versatile Artist

12 May 2018  |  fr.euronews.com
Kalidou Kasse, an artist whose longevity rivals that of Jeff Koons and Gehrard Richter, has defied the myth of the struggling artist through his critically acclaimed paintings and sculptures. Known as 'The Brush of the Sahel,' Kasse has showcased his work both in Senegal and internationally. Our correspondent Idelette Bissu was given a tour of his creative studio, where his ideas and messages come to life on canvas.

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