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Berlin, Germany

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Ilaria Ravarino

I'm a journalist based in Berlin, Germany. I have a strong sense for the story and I'm a skilled interviewer. Very quick to write down the article, never missed a deadline, I can count on a good writing style - at least in my language (italian). I'm a freelancer since 2006. I published my articles on, among others: Il Messaggero, Rolling Stone, Wired, Otto 1/2, Gioia!, Cinecittà News.


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Parenting in Berlin - published on the feminist magazine Che libertà

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App made in Italy in Berlin - published on the daily Il Messaggero


"In nomine Cannabis", the story of the first "European Cannabis Church" - published by Wired

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Efa 2016, corresponding for the daily Il Messaggero

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German writers, the new wave - a reportage for the weekly Gioia

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