Inara Chayamiti

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Inara Chayamiti

I am a Brazilian video journalist and I have been producing, shooting, directing and editing nonfiction videos for eight years. Telling stories is my greatest passion and the camera is my favorite tool.


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I did a report about World Cup’s legacy in South Africa and I found out that after two years, the country was still paying stadium's bills. I visited three stadiums and I saw how they were being used and maintained, but I also heard what people had to say about this legacy and the majority of them was very disappointed with it.


This work is about two men who were blinded by police violence during protests in 2013. One was a freelancer photographer and the other a student. I found their stories which were undercovered by the media and I was able not just to tell them as well as to discuss the use of non-lethal weapons. It was selected as the Storyhunter of the Month. (Activate the subtitles, please)


It is a small documentary that I did for the Belgian site Equal Times. They wanted me to tell some stories about waste pickers here in Brazil so I found Matilde’s amazing story. She is a very strong women who worked at a garbage dump for over 20 years and now manages a cooperative that helps both the environment and the workers.

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