Irene Caselli

Irene Caselli

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Irene Caselli

I am a multimedia journalist with ten years of experience in print, radio, online, TV and photography. 
I work out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, for BBC News, The New York Times, Washington Post and The Guardian, among others.
I am fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and German, I am proficient in French and have basic knowledge of Portuguese. 
I previously worked as a correspondent for the BBC out of Venezuela and Ecuador. I have reported from Central America, Mexico, the Andean region and the Southern Cone, covering breaking news as well as researching in-depth topics for investigative features.



My thoughts on the popular Neapolitan four-book series that begins with My Brilliant Friend.


For The Atlantic's City Lab, a profile of Ecuador's oldest mountaineer.


A story I wrote for The New York Times about Argentina's default in 2014.


The story that I broke for The Guardian in 2012 about Ecuador's decision to grant Julian Assange asylum.



In Argentina, some women are taking advantage of their late years to fulfill a dream many had as little girls: becoming a dancer. They are called Ballet 40/90 – and the name is a good hint. The younger are over 50, the oldest is 86. The group has had a show on in Buenos Aires every year for almost two decades. I went to see them and prepared this report for BBC Radio Five Live.


In 2012, while working in Ecuador, I broke the story that the Ecuadorean government was to give Julian Assange asylum. That story appeared in The Guardian and it had repercussions worldwide. This is an interview I did for Al Jazeera in the aftermath of the story.


Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez died of cancer on March 5, 2013. I was the BBC's correspondent in Caracas and this was my first report focusing on the reaction of people in the street.


After his historic visit to Cuba in March 2016, President Barack Obama moved on to Argentina, where he met President Mauricio Macri - the first bilateral visit by a US president in 19 years. What was initially meant as a trip focusing on economics and trade became controversial because of its timing. It coincided with the 40th anniversary of a coup that installed a bloody military rule. This was my report from Buenos Aires for BBC World.


The final verdict in the historic human rights trial of Operation Condor took place in Argentina in May 2016. Operation Condor was a campaign of state-sponsored terror organised by South American dictatorships in the 1970s, designed to hunt down political opponents across the continent. This was my report for BBC World.

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