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Irina Sedunova

Irina is a visual journalist, producer, filmmaker based in Moscow, Russia. She holds Masters Degree in Journalism from the University of British Columbia. Ready to travel.

She works with AJ+, BBC, BBC Reel, Fusion, Sky News, News Deeply, International News Services, Global Reporting Centre, PearProduction, Microsoft, Womankind Magazine

Sony a7s iii + Sony Lenses
On-camera Rode mic 
Lav Rode mic

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On a September night in 1983, Soviet lieutenant colonel Stanislav Petrov stood guard at a satellite-based missile launch detection system. When the alarm went off, announcing that the US had attacked, Petrov had thirty minutes to decide...


A German city before World War Two and geographically disconnected from the rest of Russia, Kaliningrad remains a mystery to many mainland Russians and their European neighbours.


The Russian city of Vorkuta sits north of the Arctic Circle, 200km away from the Arctic Ocean, and almost 2000km from the Russian capital Moscow. It takes two days via train to reach.


The academic town of Akademgorodok in Siberia was created by Russian mathematician Mikhaïl Alekseïevitch Lavrentiev, who wanted to install a safe haven for scientists in the middle of Siberia.


worked with Tatyana Chistikova


worked with Tatyana Chistikova


Contribution to the Global Reporting Centre project. Short film "Defending Russia"

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