Irwin Loy

Irwin Loy

Bangkok, Thailand

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2014 Indonesian election coverage for CBC radio: Indonesia has one of the most free-wheeling democracies in Southeast Asia after years of authoritarian rule that only ended with the ouster of President Suharto in 1998. But observers say this election could be a key turning point for the country. Indonesians will choose between a political outsider who preaches reform, and a former military general with direct ties to the old regime—and polls suggest the race is neck and neck with only days to go before election day.


The Khmer Rouge tore apart family structures during their disastrous four-year rule over Cambodia in the late 1970s. But even decades after the regime's collapse, some Cambodian families are still searching for missing relatives. After spending her life as an orphan, wondering what happened to her family, one woman finally turned to a reality television show for help. A short feature produced for VOA TV.


Asia’s population is rapidly ageing. It’s part of an unprecedented population trend that has crucial policy implications for every country. But in many parts of developing Asia, the strain of coping with this demographic surge poses immense challenges, and not everyone is equipped to deal with what’s coming down the pipeline.

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Ba Bluh, a soldier with the Karen National Liberation Army waits at a military checkpoint along the Salween River in Myanmar's Karen State.

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