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Isaac Abraham

Asmara, Eritrea
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About Isaac
Isaac Abraham is a freelance journalist and content management writer for different local and international media outlets, with good writing and speaking skills.
Amharic English Tigrinya
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Women as Car Customers—Voice of Consumer Findings, 2015

20 Jun 2024  |  store.frost.com
Analyzes the growing trend of women customers in the European automotive market, focusing on their purchase decisions, preferences, and satisfaction levels. Compares gender-specific buying patterns and differences between countries. Studies how OEMs design cars to cater to women's needs and offers strategic recommendations to OEMs and car dealerships to optimize the customer journey for women.

Strategic Profile of Volvo Car Corporation’s Global Operations, 2020

06 Jun 2024  |  store.frost.com
The report provides a comprehensive analysis of Volvo Car Corporation's global operations in 2020, covering corporate vision, structure, growth strategy, sales forecasts, and technology advancements. It highlights Volvo's collaboration with Geely, the development of connected mobility technologies, and the company's manufacturing and product strategies, including the introduction of Polestar as a high-performance brand. The document also discusses Volvo's market activities in key regions such as China, North America, and Western Europe, and outlines future outlooks and key predictions for the company's growth and innovation trajectory.

Fintech in the Global Automotive Industry, Forecast to 2025

04 Apr 2024  |  store.frost.com
The research service offers an overview of the fintech landscape in the automotive industry, covering applications in leasing, finance, insurance, retailing, payments, and experience-centric services. It identifies opportunities for automakers, suppliers, and technology companies to generate revenue through digital transactions. The study emphasizes the importance of fintech in transitioning the industry from transactional to experience-centric, highlighting the need for manufacturers to create personalized in-vehicle experiences. Key questions addressed include the relevance of fintech in automotive, classification of business interests, underlying technologies, market size, and key fintech organizations. The research notes the automotive industry's efforts to close the technology gap and enhance customer experience through fintech partnerships, with expectations of significant online retail spending and disruption in digital financing and insurance claims processing by 2025.

Many of Africa’s largest cities are failing to reap the economic benefits of urbanization

31 Oct 2023  |  Article writing
The article discusses the challenges faced by Africa's largest cities in harnessing the economic benefits of urbanization. With Africa's population projected to reach two billion by 2040 and the urban population expected to nearly triple by 2050, the urgency to address issues such as low GDP per capita, investment in housing and infrastructure, and land management is highlighted. The article also touches on social and political challenges, including monetary policy and trade. It questions the role of the African Union, World Bank, and European Investment Bank in addressing these challenges and suggests that future articles will explore potential solutions for African cities to increase investment in basic infrastructure and housing.

Organic Fertilizers, Eritrea and Sub-Saharan Africa

27 Oct 2023  |  Article writing
The article discusses the challenges faced by Sub-Saharan Africa due to its rapidly growing population and the slower rate of food production. It highlights the need for intensive agriculture and the use of advanced technologies, including organic fertilizers, to bridge the gap between population growth and food production. Eritrea's efforts in promoting organic fertilizer production are commended, with the country hosting its first national organic fertilizer conference to share its 15 years of experience. The article also mentions Sudan's production of compost and the issue of soil degradation in Burkina Faso due to chemical fertilization. A solution in the form of organic fertilizer called Nekyam is presented, and the International Fertilizer Development Center's warnings about rising fertilizer prices in Africa are noted.

Visit Asmara now, before it’s changed forever!!

27 Oct 2023  |  Article writing
The article highlights the untouched beauty and historical significance of Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea. Known as 'la piccolo Roma' or 'New Rome', Asmara was built by the Italians and has preserved its early twentieth-century architecture. The city boasts various architectural styles, including Art Deco, Cubist, and neoclassical buildings. Asmara is also celebrated for its cleanliness, favorable climate, and peaceful atmosphere, with the absence of crime and disturbances. The author encourages readers to visit Asmara to experience its unique charm before it potentially changes due to future developments.

Why is Al Sharpton, inciter of Crown Heights, speaking at a Jewish conference in Washington?

20 May 2019  |  Washington Examiner
The article criticizes the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism for inviting Al Sharpton to speak at its conference, arguing that Sharpton's past actions, including his role in the 1991 Crown Heights riots and other controversial incidents, make him an inappropriate choice. The author contends that Sharpton has never shown remorse for his actions and that the Religious Action Center is unjustly legitimizing him, sending a dangerous message amid rising anti-Semitism.

#Londonisopen – Reflections on four days of European outreach

10 Apr 2019  |  www.gryklaw.com
The article reflects on a four-day outreach campaign in London aimed at providing free immigration advice to Europeans regarding the EU Settlement Scheme. The campaign, part of the Mayor of London's #Londonisopen initiative, highlighted significant public confusion about the scheme's requirements and application process. Key issues discussed include the necessity of residence in the UK, misinformation about income requirements, and the importance of key dates such as December 31, 2020, for applications. The article also details the methods of application, including the use of the EU Exit Identity Document Checking app and alternative options for those without access to smartphones.

Should Crown Heights hold a ‘festival’ to mark its tragic riots?

16 Aug 2016  |  nypost.com
The 25th anniversary of the Crown Heights riots, which resulted in the deaths of Gavin Cato and Yankel Rosenbaum, is being commemorated with a day of reflection, prayer, and a community festival featuring multi-ethnic music, food, and activities. While some, including the Rosenbaum family, find the celebratory aspect of the festival disrespectful, others believe it represents the community's growth and unity. The event aims to counteract the negative media narrative and honor the memory of the victims through a spirit of togetherness.

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