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Isaac Abraham

Isaac Abraham is a freelance journalist and content management writer for different local and international media outlets, with good writing and speaking skills.

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  • Asmara – The most beautiful city in the world

    Asmara, Eritrea Travel 01 Nov 2033

    Asmara is nicknamed “la piccolo Roma” which means New Rome and built by the Italians, in just six short years.The city is still untouched by the progress of time and globalisation, Asmara's beauty has largely remained in place. Moreover, its unique that everywhere is within walking distance. The... Read more

  • Organic Fertilizers, Eritrea and Sub-Saharan Africa

    Asmara, Eritrea Science & Environment, Food & Drink, Research, Social 01 Nov 2024

    By the year 2000 and beyond, Sub-Saharan Africa's population is projected to grow at over 3% per year, while food production is projected to grow at 2% or less per year. Filling this gap and increasing food production will require intensive agriculture based on advanced technologies, which ... Read more

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