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Isaac Oyombe

Isaac Oyombe is an experienced Senior Creative Producer based in Nairobi Kenya, with over 12 years in international media, blending creativity and linguistic proficiency for impactful TV & Digital storytelling. Extensive coverage of diverse African regions - Francophone, Anglophone, and Swahili nations, creating captivating human interest programs, documentaries, and features on business, technology, health, climate change, and sports. Proficient in Scripting, Filming, Live directing, Graphic Design, Video Editing, and Set Construction, delivering exceptional results.
I have produced content for international broadcasters including BBC, CNN, and DW. He has extensive training from DW Akademie and BBC including high risk training for journalists working in conflict areas (HEFAT).

Collaborative team player, visionary leader, trained creative teams to produce captivating content that informs, entertains, and inspires leaving a lasting impact on viewers worldwide. Unwavering Commitment to crafting compelling narratives that resonate with global audiences, while continuously pushing the boundaries of excellence in the ever-evolving media landscape.

English French Swahili
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A Nigerian innovator makes a solar cart that can operate five businesses simultaneously. Making it accessible to traders in Nigerias Capital. He aims to create new jobs, reduce the cost of doing business and promote renewable energy.


Could black soldier flies larvae be an alternative way to solve the food waste problem in Tanzania? A Tanzanian entrepreneur is turning biodegradable waste into larvae to produce high-protein chicken feed and fertiliser.


I Produced a BBC digital feature about two brothers who have turned to hydroponics technology to innovate a vertical farming system aimed at enabling Kenyans living in urban areas grow crops at their balconies.


The role of raising Sinking Funds to enable one manage their finances. A personal finance story I produced in Ghana at a time when most African countries are experiencing recession.


KTN Ultimate Challenge – Reality. It features 12 brave personalities who we take to Chalbi desert in Kenya to survive in for 20 days. On location they live in the wilderness and we take them through tough challenges and elimination.


I produced a Sports Graphic Explainer during Covid 19 that aired on BBc Focus on Africa on the negative impact of Covid 19 to Sports. My Reporter was Georgie Ndirangu


I produced a creative Graphic Explainer on what different Governments were doing to stop the spreading of Covid 19 that aired on BBC Focus on Africa. I had Georgie Ndirangu present the link while playing Scrabble against himself to make it captivating.


I produced a feature on how Kenyan Greatest of All Time Olympic medallists are managing their personal finances and investments featuring Moses Kiptanui, Wilfred Bungei, and Ezekiel Kemboi. I filmed the opening link under water.


I produced a story on the rising cost of living across Africa. It outlines how families are adjusting to this new reality. From a production style, The links and two interviews are in motion filmed in moving vehicles to give the story pace.


How Language barriers and lack of assistive technology for people with special needs and illiterate populations are major barriers to mobile phone adoption in Africa. I produced the story in Ivory Coast


I produced a CNN sports feature on Faith Kipyegon, the1500 metre and 5000 metre world record holder. She speaks about her drive to break records as she wants to continue to perform "superhuman" feats as her ambition is to be a global icon for young women.




    Narok, Kenya Business, Technology, Science & Environment, Climate Change 31 Aug 2024

    Parts of the Eastern Horn of Africa have endured consecutive seasons of little to no rainfall over the past two years, resulting in poor harvests of staple crops, including maize, and severe repercussions for both people and livestock. In 2022, an extended drought wreaked havoc across the Eastern... Read more

  • Navigating El Niño's Impact: Harnessing Rainwater for Sustainability in Kenya's Arid Regions

    Kajiado, Kenya Technology, Science & Environment, Natural Disasters, Climate Change 30 Nov 2023

    The United Nations issued a warning on Tuesday, urging global preparations for the ongoing El Niño weather phenomenon, which is expected to continue throughout 2023, leading to higher global temperatures. El Niño is a natural climate pattern associated with elevated worldwide temperatures, droughts... Read more

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