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Giza, Egypt

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Islam Salahuddin

I'm a junior journalist based in Cairo, Egypt, with special focus on data-driven journalism and digital multimedia storytelling. In addition to narrative writing, my skills include data scraping, data analysis and data visualization, as well as Ar/En translation.

I worked for InfoTimes; the only data journalism agency in Egypt. I previously worked as a higher education reporter for Shafaff News Network.

In addition to my local and international reporting, I occasionally handled other various tasks, including proofreading, copy editing, translation, video production and social media management. I also have a background of investigative reporting as a trainee.


Arabic English

My in-depth report that I produced during round #1 from What Lies Beyond special reporting project in The Daily News Egypt.


Murder in the arms of marriage, story of 222 cases


Sisi’s economic and administrative decisions were 5 times more than his political ones


This piece explores the whole picture of Elections 2018, comparing it with the previous rounds on the governorates geographical level. We analyzed the available data to produce indicators that better describe the reality of political participation...

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