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Kabul, Afghanistan

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Ivan Flores

I am an American multimedia journalist based in Afghanistan and have contributed to Foreign Policy, CBS - Radio, CBC, The Guardian, The National, Al Jazeera, NPR, La Repubblica, VOX Media (Eater + Racked), and other publications. I have also created content for UNESCO and UH-Habitat

CUNY Journalism School 2018

Eddied Adams Workshop XXX



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The Taliban had strict rules about hair and beard styles, but today in Afghanistan, barber shops flourish.


The self-immolation cases seen at the country’s only burns unit are a symptom of a bigger problem in the country, where violence against women is rife.


As U.S. troops draw down, the Afghan military struggles to provide care for its countless wounded soldiers — on the battlefield and at home.


IED use surged in Afghanistan last year, killing or injuring 3,043 people. Children like Ehsan are particularly valued as bombers, their youth and size giving them cover during the stealthy planting of IEDs.

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