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Ivana Dervishi

Tirana, Albania
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About Ivana
Ivana Dervishi is a multimedia journalist fascinated about telling stories through creative ways.
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Feature Stories Content Writing
Fact Checking

Photos for Neues Deutschland

Photogallery Albanian Fairytale Village a Top Autumn Destination

Festive Photo Series Celebrates Albania’s LGBT Community

Albania's LGBTQ Activists Take Fight for Rights to European Court

09 Feb 2018  |  NBC News
The article discusses the efforts of Albanian LGBTQ activists Kristi Pinderi and Xheni Karaj, who are preparing to file a lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights to challenge Albania's Family Code, which prohibits cohabitation rights for same-sex couples. Their activism, which began in 2009, has been instrumental in raising visibility for the LGBTQ community in Albania and combating homophobia and transphobia. The article highlights the progress made, including the establishment of Streha, a shelter for homeless LGBTQ youth, with support from USAID, the Dutch Embassy, and the Albert Kennedy Trust. The activists are optimistic about their upcoming case in Strasbourg, drawing parallels with a successful case in Italy that led to the recognition of same-sex civil unions. The article also touches on the broader context of Albania's desire to join the EU and the potential impact of the lawsuit on this process.

Albania’s Rivers Bring Pollution to Adriatic Coast

09 Feb 2018  |  euronews
The article discusses the environmental issue of waste washing up on the shores of Albania and affecting neighboring countries like Croatia. Due to inadequate waste management policies in Albania, garbage from rivers and streams has been found on the beaches, including the tourist destination of Dubrovnik. Environmental activists, such as Xhemal Mato of Ekolevizje and Ermelinda Mahmutaj of Eden, express their concerns about the situation. The European Commission's progress report highlights Albania's shortcomings in waste management, which is a significant issue as the country is an EU candidate. The lack of proper waste disposal services and the informal nature of waste collection are contributing to the pollution of the Adriatic coast, which could also negatively impact the tourism industry.

Skanderbeg Square in Tirana




Explore amazing nature of Shala river in north of Albania

Drown sailors in Vlora, a city in the south of Albania are reported by the police as accidents, but in fact their family discover they where involved in drug trafficking to Italy.

Video news about Albanian students in Medicine Faculty in Tirana University and the controversy surrounding corruption on Phd diplomas.

An Albanian Alpine Adventure - Prishtina Insight

12 Jul 2016  |  Prishtina Insight
The article describes the Valbona valley and the trail to Theth in Albania as an adventurous alternative to the traditional seaside summer vacation. It highlights the journey to Valbona, which includes a combination of bus, ferry, and foot travel, and the cultural experiences one can have along the way, such as local music and dance. The article details the accommodations available, from camping to luxury hotels, and the local cuisine. It also provides advice for the six-and-a-half-hour trek along the Valbona-Theth trail, including the best time to start the hike and what to expect in terms of terrain and views. The village of Theth is presented as a place rich in natural beauty and history, with recommendations to visit the waterfall, the Blue Eye, and the fortified tower. Despite the lack of infrastructure, the article suggests that this is a small price to pay for the preservation of the area's unspoiled nature.

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