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Ivana Miloradovic

Ivana Miloradovic is a video and mobile journalist with BBC background based in London, UK. Experienced multi-platform media professional, investigative journalist, geopolitical analyst and documentarist. In depth insight into European, UK and Balkan news and current affairs, political, economic and cultural profile. Special passion for humanitarian and human rights issues. Extensive knowledge and use of new media and IT. Multilingual. Expert in contemporary art and art scene



Interview with actor and Native American rights activist Michael Horse, London, October, 2017 Original language: English; Voiced into Serbian; Starts at 19.30


Interview with acclaimed Swiss film director Barbet Schroeder. His latest documentary is about an influential Buddhist monk in Myanmar who uses strong anti-Muslim rhetoric in his speeches and writings. Producer, October 2017 Language: English


Analysis of Serbian political scene ahead of Serbian presidential elections, Euronews, March 2017 Language: English


Coverage of presidential elections in Serbia for Euronews, April 2017 Language: English


Analysis of calls for federalisation of Europe by heads of four European parliaments. Language: Serbian


Analysis on Germany current position in Europe. Language: Serbian


Viewership record-breaking feature length documentary about Hungarian war crime of the Second World War - The Backa Raid. Languages: English/Serbian/Hungarian

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