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Jacob Richardson

Hull, United Kingdom
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About Jacob
Jacob Richardson is a journalist based in Hull, United Kingdom.
Content Writing Fact Checking
Politics Current Affairs Social

Carbone Beach Presented By American Express: Michelin Star Chef Mario Carbone Hosting Exclusive Miami Event May 5-8

01 Apr 2022  |  hauteliving.com
Major Food Group, led by Mario Carbone, Jeff Zalaznick, and Rich Torrisi, is launching Carbone Beach, an exclusive dining event in Miami from May 5-8, presented by American Express. The event, celebrating F1 Miami, will feature Michelin-starred cuisine and special performances, limited to 200 guests per night. Tickets are available to American Express Card Members through Resy, starting at $3,000 per head. The event aims to bring a unique blend of high-energy, fine dining, and entertainment to Miami Beach.

Grant Cardone Bringing 10x Growth Conference to SoFlo March 25-27

25 Mar 2022  |  hauteliving.com
Real estate mogul Grant Cardone is hosting the 10x Growth Conference in South Florida from March 25-27 at the Diplomat Beach Resort. Cardone, a best-selling author and the world's #1 sales trainer, has a significant real estate portfolio and leads a network of 10 companies. The conference, which is expected to attract 3,500 attendees and generate around $1 million for the local economy, will feature celebrities and industry professionals as speakers. Virtual access is available for those unable to attend in person.

Jacob Richardson: Trump is just the tip of the iceberg

24 Jan 2021  |  Loveland Reporter-Herald
The article criticizes Donald Trump and his followers for masking failures with narcissism and inciting insurrection. It highlights the detrimental effects of wealth inequality, racism, and climate change denial, enabled by figures like Trump, Koch, McConnell, and Putin. The author calls for a rejection of these divisive ideologies and a focus on solidarity and truth.

Autism in the UK

17 Jul 2019  |  The Social Review
The article discusses the author's personal experience with autism and the broader challenges faced by autistic individuals in the UK. It highlights the impact of delayed diagnoses, inadequate NHS support, and the detrimental effects of austerity measures imposed by Conservative-led governments. The piece criticizes the DWP for its harsh disability benefit assessments and underscores the need for systemic changes, including better funding for the NHS, education, and social care. It advocates for Labour government policies to address these issues and improve the quality of life for autistic people.

Abolish Trident

09 May 2019  |  thesocialreview.co.uk
The article discusses the history of the UK's nuclear deterrent, Trident, and the Labour Party's internal divisions over it. It criticizes the financial cost of Trident, suggesting the funds could be better used to address climate change through a Green New Deal. The author argues that Trident is obsolete in the face of modern threats like cyberattacks and terrorism, and that the UK could become a moral leader by abandoning nuclear weapons and focusing on preserving civilization.

An Education Revolution

04 Mar 2019  |  The Social Review
The article discusses the persistent inequality in Britain's education system, particularly highlighting the disproportionate representation of privately-educated students at Oxford and Cambridge universities. It outlines the financial challenges faced by state schools and further education institutions, exacerbated by austerity measures and Brexit. The piece explores various proposals from the Labour movement to address these inequalities, including abolishing private schools, reforming admissions policies, and diversifying assessment methods. It also examines a groundbreaking plan by University of Bristol academics for a modular higher education system that promotes lifelong learning and dissolves the distinction between universities and further education colleges. The article suggests that a Labour government could implement these reforms, including a participatory education tax to fund the system, and rebuild the Open University as part of a National Education Service.

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