James Carstensen

James Carstensen

* Düsseldorf, Germany

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James Carstensen

Journalist based in Düsseldorf, Germany, with three years experience covering geopolitics, international trade, legal reporting and markets news from Germany and Europe. 

Over my years of writing, I have slowly built a network of contacts in E.U. organisations and my background in international law and trade provides a sound understanding of E.U. regulations and policy and legal-style investigative reporting. I've worked in Australia, Japan, China, Sweden and (currently) Germany.



After the first Islamic terror attacks hit Germany, Merkel stood firm in her conviction: "wir schaffen das" (“we can do it”), but not all agree.


When then Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu, who was seen as more liberal and pro-Western than President Erdogan, stepped down, uncertainty surrounded future relations between Turkey and the West. Unlike Erdogan, Davutoglu held a much more E.U.-inclusive view and as such, was seen as the key mediator between Turkey and the E.U., personally brokering the migrant agreement with Merkel.


A front page report on the bombings that shook Brussels, with at least 34 people killed and more than 180 injured.

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