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Jamie Blake Knox

Taipei City, Taiwan
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About Jamie
Jamie Blake Knox is an award-winning travel and history writer, who has also published articles on a range of other subjects. His interests include art galleries, ecclesiastical kitsch, Barcelona Football Club, James Joyce and craft beer- interests which have been fuelled by his travels around the world. He lives in Taipei.
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Taiwan's calm response to pandemic shows us this is not the end of the world

06 Apr 2020  |  www.independent.ie
Taiwan's diligent and responsible approach to managing the pandemic serves as a reassuring example that daily life and the economy can gradually recover. The article emphasizes the importance of shared responsibility in overcoming the crisis.

Pittsburgh: A dizzying mix of architectural styles rises from the ashes

04 Feb 2018  |  www.independent.ie
Pittsburgh has transformed from a heavily polluted industrial city into a vibrant, livable urban area with a mix of architectural styles. The city's historic buildings have been repurposed into galleries, hotels, and restaurants, contributing to its cultural renaissance. Notable sites include the Ace Hotel, the Whitfield restaurant, the Omni William Penn Hotel, and the Andy Warhol Museum. The article also highlights Pittsburgh's culinary scene and its accessibility via WOW air. The city's evolution is contrasted with past pollution levels, and there is a critical view of President Trump's comments on fossil fuels.

Trier, Germany - A fault line in history

01 Feb 2018  |  Independent.ie
The article is a travelogue detailing the author's journey through Trier, Germany's oldest city, and its surroundings. The author describes the historical significance of various sites, including the Porta Nigra, the Basilica of Constantine, and the High Cathedral of Saint Peter. The piece also touches on the cultural impact of Karl Marx, born in Trier. The author indulges in local cuisine and wine, particularly at Weinerlebniswelt Oechsle and Weinstube Kesselstatt. The journey continues to Speyer, with its Romanesque cathedral and the Messel Pit, a Unesco World Heritage site rich in fossils. The trip concludes in Rüdesheim, where the author encounters a Harley Davidson gathering and enjoys a meal at the Rüdesheimer Schloss. The article reflects on the resilience of Germany in preserving and restoring its historical treasures post-World War II.

Jamie Blake Knox in Bremen

01 Feb 2018  |  Independent.ie
The article by Jamie Blake Knox provides a travelogue of Bremen, Germany, highlighting its rich history, cultural heritage, and architecture. Despite its past as a target during World War II, Bremen boasts a vibrant old town with Gothic spires, a medieval knight statue, and a mix of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture in its town hall. The author stayed at the Maritim Hotel and visited the Ratskeller, a historic wine cellar with a vast selection of German wines. The piece also touches on the controversial figure Ludwig Roselius, the inventor of decaffeinated coffee, and his expressionist architecture project, Böttcherstrasse. The article mentions various museums, the Schnoor quarter for shopping, and the town of Itzehoe, home to the Wenzel August Hablik museum. It concludes with travel and accommodation information, including Lufthansa flights and the Mercure Hotel Klosterforst.

Christmas travel

01 Feb 2018  |  Independent.ie
The article describes the author's travel experience in Alsace, a region on the French border with Germany, to rekindle their Christmas spirit. The author begins by expressing a diminished enthusiasm for Christmas, which leads to a journey to Alsace, known for its unique culture, dialect, and cuisine. The trip starts with a flight into Basel and a train ride to Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, which is not only the seat of European institutions but also a gastronomic center. The author dines at Maison des Tanneurs and visits the UNESCO world heritage site, Grande Île. The Cour Du Corbeau hotel provides a comfortable stay. The author explores Strasbourg's historic district, admires the Cathedral of Our Lady, and visits the Musée Unterlinden, which houses the Isenheim Altarpiece. The article also mentions the untouched beauty of Colmar, the medieval charm of Riquewihr, and the author's visit to Ribeauvillé to meet friends. The Alsace region's Christmas markets, local wine, and festive atmosphere are highlighted as experiences that restore the author's Christmas spirit.

Safari breaks

01 Feb 2018  |  Independent.ie
The article describes the author's travel experience from London to Kenya, highlighting the comfort of Kenya Airways and the beauty of the Saruni Samburu lodge. The lodge, located in Kalama Conservancy, is praised for its luxurious amenities and its commitment to sustainability and wildlife conservation. The author recounts encounters with local Samburu tribespeople, various wildlife sightings, and the thrill of tracking rhinos on foot at Saruni Rhino. The article also touches on the singing wells, a cultural phenomenon, and concludes with a stay at the Alfajiri Beach Villa on the Kenyan coast. The piece emphasizes the connection between tourism and conservation efforts in Kenya and suggests that the country is reclaiming its position as a leader in global eco-tourism.

Sri Lanka: Wild and wonderful

01 Feb 2018  |  Independent.ie
The article is a travelogue detailing the author's experiences in Sri Lanka. It contrasts the country's turbulent history, including the conflict with the LTTE, with its current status as a desirable tourist destination. The author describes the development in Colombo, influenced by various cultural and architectural heritages, and highlights the Chinese-financed Port City project. The article also reviews the Ministry of Crab, a renowned seafood restaurant in Colombo. The author then explores Kandy's historical sites and the Temple of the Sacred Tooth. Sri Lanka's biodiversity is showcased through a visit to Yala National Park, and the article concludes with a description of Galle's colonial architecture and the Fortress Resort & Spa. The piece includes information on travel, hotels, dining, and attractions in Sri Lanka, emphasizing the country's recovery and appeal to tourists.

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