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Jan Dirk Herbermann

Genève, Switzerland
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About Jan
UN correspondent in Geneva for Der Tagesspiegel Berlin and other german Media. Covering UN and international affairs.
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War in Gaza: 'The dehumanization of the Palestinians must stop' - Interview with Volker Türk

15 Jan 2024  |  www.goettinger-tageblatt.de
The CDU is set to finalize a new fundamental program at its federal party conference in early May, which includes a passage on religious diversity that has sparked discussions. In Rafah, a baby was saved by emergency surgery after its mother was killed in what are believed to be Israeli airstrikes, which also claimed the life of the father and sister. The war in the Middle East is escalating with Iran following through on its threat to attack Israel, while Israel continues to intercept numerous rockets from the Gaza Strip. Efforts for hostage release and a potential ceasefire are ongoing. The Russian offensive war against Ukraine has been raging for over two years, with increased pressure at the front and targets within Russia being hit.

War in Gaza: 'The dehumanization of the Palestinians must stop' - Interview with Volker Türk

15 Jan 2024  |  www.szlz.de
Andreas Zick, head of the Institute for Conflict and Violence Research, criticizes calls for harsher penalties to curb political violence, labeling it counterproductive and beneficial to populists. In Sachsen-Anhalt, parties reveal strategies to combat vandalism of election posters, with the CDU ensuring a minimum height and the Greens hanging theirs earlier. Discussions for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas continue after consultations in Riad, with Israel's response pending. The Russian war against Ukraine intensifies, with increasing pressure at the front and strikes within Russia. Upcoming European Parliament and state elections in Germany are highlighted with an ongoing survey of public opinion.

War in Gaza: 'The dehumanization of the Palestinians must stop' - Interview with Volker Türk

15 Jan 2024  |  www.dieharke.de
The SPD and Grünen have expressed their opposition to the FDP's five-point plan, particularly criticizing proposed pension policy savings. Angela Merkel has chosen to make a public appearance for the farewell of former Green Party leader and Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin. Near Kharkiv, heavy fighting continues, with the Ukrainian president describing the situation as extremely difficult, affecting villages and displacing thousands. On the annual memorial day for fallen soldiers, Israeli and Palestinian relatives of victims advocate for peace and reconciliation, while the USA reaffirms its support for Israel despite criticism of military actions. Additionally, the Russian border region, including Belgorod, has been under attack amidst the ongoing war.

War in Gaza: 'The dehumanization of the Palestinians must stop' - Interview with Volker Türk

15 Jan 2024  |  landeszeitung.de
The article discusses various international issues including Trump's critical stance on NATO, Ukraine's shortage of ammunition in the defense against Moscow's war of aggression, the US showing Israel alternatives to a ground offensive in Rafah, and the Supreme Court granting Texas police officers border powers typically reserved for federal authorities, raising concerns of discrimination and racial profiling.

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