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Cape Town, South Africa

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Jane Flanagan

I am the Africa Correspondent of The Times (of London) and have been based in South Africa for 14 years living between Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Henri van Breda, 21, stands to inherit $15m if he is acquitted of butchering his parents and bother to death at the family’s luxury home in the South African wine lands in 2015. His sister Marli, now 18, miraculously survived having her jugular vein slashed in the 3am bloodbath in which Henri suffered only minor wounds, described by prosecutors as ‘self inflicted’. He is on trial for 3 counts of murder and one of attempted murder. Although Marli is suffering from amnesia and can’t remember the events, she is listed as a state witness against her brother. The family spent many years living in Perth and the Gold Coast before returning to Cape Town shortly before the killings. In South Africa, a defendant found guilty of murder or manslaughter cannot inherit from their victim.

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