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Jane Mcintosh

La Rochefoucauld, France
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About Jane
Jane Mcintosh is a multilingual English-language journalist. After 7 years as a writer, editor and translator in the multimedia newsroom of DW in Bonn, Germany, she now lives and works in Paris, France and Rome, Italy with post-Brexit plans for Edinburgh and Uruguay.
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Germany opens trial of Gambia death squad suspect

25 Apr 2023  |  dw.com
A Gambian man, formerly a driver for the 'Junglers' death squad, faces trial in Germany for crimes against humanity, including involvement in the murder of journalist Deyda Hydara during Yahya Jammeh's dictatorship. This landmark case, based on universal jurisdiction, is the first to prosecute human rights violations from the Jammeh era. Another suspect, Michael Correa, faces similar charges in the United States. Jammeh's rule was marked by severe human rights abuses, and he currently lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea.

EU corporations underpaying taxes, says Greens report

22 Jan 2023  |  www.dw.com
The Greens in the European Parliament have revealed that large companies in the EU are not paying their required taxes, with Bulgaria being the only state where corporations pay the statutory rate. The report, presented by the Greens' finance spokesman Sven Giegold, was based on data from the Orbis database and compiled by tax expert Petr Jansky. It highlights significant discrepancies between statutory tax rates and actual taxes paid, with Luxembourg, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Austria having the largest differentials. Germany's corporations pay slightly above average, while Greece and Ireland's corporations pay more than the statutory rate. The Greens advocate for tax transparency and country-by-country reporting to prevent profit booking in low-tax countries. Ahead of the EU elections, the Greens emphasize the need for the EU to address tax avoidance and encourage social and environmental responsibility among corporations. Anton Hofreiter, leader of the Greens in the German parliament, criticized corporate practices that undermine social cohesion and called for a democratization of the economy at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

75th Anniversary of the Oradour-sur-Glane Nazi Massacre

24 Jul 2020  |  www.dw.com
The article commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Oradour-sur-Glane massacre, where Nazi soldiers killed 642 civilians in a French village. Ceremonies were held at the site, which has been preserved as a memorial. German and French officials, including Army minister Genevieve Darrieussecq and Germany's Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth, paid tribute to the victims. The article recounts the events of the massacre and notes the historical visits by German and French leaders, including former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, former President Joachim Gauck, and current President Emmanuel Macron. The only survivor, Robert Hebras, was mentioned, and the article highlights the village's role as a witness to the atrocities, attracting about 300,000 visitors annually.

Race for UK Prime Minister: Candidates and Controversies

24 Jul 2020  |  www.dw.com
The UK Conservative Party is undergoing a leadership contest with ten candidates aiming to replace Theresa May as party leader and Prime Minister. High-profile contenders include Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Andrea Leadsom, and Michael Gove. The selection process involves multiple rounds of voting by Conservative MPs to narrow down to two candidates, who will then be voted on by party members. Revelations about past drug use have surfaced, affecting some candidates' campaigns. Brexit is a central issue, with candidates presenting their strategies and some threatening a no-deal exit from the EU. The final decision on the new leader is expected by the end of July, before the summer parliamentary recess.

EU leaders struggle to agree on top EU positions

24 Jul 2020  |  www.dw.com
The article discusses the challenges faced by EU leaders in appointing the new EU Commission President and filling other top positions within the EU administration. A special summit is scheduled for June 30 to negotiate these appointments. The roles detailed include the President of the European Commission, who sets the policy agenda; the President of the European Council, who drives the Council's work; the President of the European Central Bank, who leads the Bank; the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the EU's foreign policy chief; and the President of the European Parliament, who oversees parliamentary procedures. The process of nomination and election for these positions is also explained, highlighting the involvement of the European Council and the European Parliament.

Franco-German Treaty of Aachen: A New Chapter in European Relations

24 Jul 2020  |  www.dw.com
The Treaty of Aachen, signed by President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel, is a continuation of the Franco-German alliance, building on the Elysee Treaty signed 56 years prior. It outlines cooperation in defense, security, diplomacy, economy, climate, and institutional cooperation, aiming to create a common military culture and potentially a European army. The treaty also supports Germany's bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and promotes cross-border relations and bilingualism. Right-wing populists have criticized the treaty, with accusations of treason and loss of sovereignty, despite the treaty's clear language on cooperation without affecting sovereignty. The treaty includes plans for various projects, such as a Franco-German economic zone and a digital platform.

Venice Architecture Biennale sees boom in younger guests

28 Nov 2016  |  dw.com
The Venice Architecture Biennale titled 'Reporting from the Front' attracted a record number of young visitors, with under-26-year-olds making up 45 percent of total attendees. Curator Alejandro Aravena highlighted the exhibition's success in engaging young people and increasing overall visitor numbers. The Biennale featured special projects, including a collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum and Google, and the Biobridge Foundation's exhibition on Venice-China historical ties. Germany's pavilion presented shelters for asylum seekers, reflecting on the migrant crisis in Europe. The event saw a 14 percent rise in visitors, with 259,725 attendees and 14,180 at preview events.

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