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Janet Otieno-Prosper

Janet Otieno-Prosper is an award winning journalist based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She  holds a Masters degree in Communication Studies from The University of Nairobi.She developed passion for writing at a tender age. Janet joined the media industry (Kenya News Agency) as a News Reporter in 2006 while awaiting her graduation. Immediately after graduating with Bachelors of Arts with Education (Double major in English and Literature) from Kampala International University, she joined editorial desk of the mainstream media (Times News Services - Publisher of both Kenya and Sunday Times newspapers) where she worked as a Sub-Editor/Writer.
Janet has also worked for Netherlands based Africa News as a reporter and served as an Editor of African Executive magazine. Janet also worked for Africa Review, Nation Media Group's digital magazine ( as an editor/writer in charge of Southern Africa region since its launch in 2009 until May 2014. She currently works at The Citizen, Tanzania as Features Editor of six magazines (Your Health, Success, The Beat, Woman, Sound Living and Young citizen). Janet is passionate about issues that are pertinent to Africa like environment and health, agriculture and food security, women and children affairs, human rights and development.
In 2013, Janet was honoured by the United Nations for her articles on food security in Africa.
She is a member of Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK) and Kenya Union of Journalists and registered as an editor by the Media Council of Kenya.
Janet believes that journalists can reposition Africa through setting an agenda for positive action. 

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Gender based violence in the digital space

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Never give up on your dreams

The video is a promo of our health stories. There are these doctors in Tanzania who have come up with an innovation aiming to shape people's perception about cancer. They use social media as cancer information ambassadors.

The article addresses the issue of women and elusive land rights in Tanzania and beyond. It calls on African governments to encourage women to secure access to legal redress over land ownership. This is because land ownership gives women some social status and dignity.

The video is about Djibouti, a country with harsh climatic condition but rich in culture and also captures economic activities in Djibouti. The rough mountainous terrain offers nothing by way of scenery save for volcanic rocks but there is something interesting on how streets are deserted at noon. The streets are deserted, shops and government offices are closed, not for afternoon prayers, but because people have gone to take a nap or enjoy their hobby of chewing khat when the daily shipment arrives. Streets come to life again about 4.30 pm. Temperatures in the country at times hit 52 degree Celsius; so little can be done in such heat besides whiling the hours away in dreamland. People return back to work late in the afternoon when the weather is favourable. For a visitor, the temperatures here are punishing but the country boasts rich culture.

The feature is about a bold woman who rose up after battling cancer to be an inspirational figure to other women. Though the devastating effects of chemotherapy forced her to put her dreams on hold, she is now back on her feet and was brave enough to inspire others. With two years of cancer behind her, Duriyya Kapasi is back to work; she has picked up her pen and reclaimed her passion for writing books.

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