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Jason Endfield

Jason Endfield, born in Liverpool, England, in 1965, is a Wrexham-based journalist renowned for his investigative reporting on environmental issues, biodiversity, wildlife conservation, and human rights. With a career dedicated to shedding light on the intersection of renewable energy development and ecosystem impact, Endfield has become a prominent voice in environmental journalism. His fiercely independent stance allows him to explore topics without the constraints of political alignment, ensuring his work reflects a free-thinking perspective on matters crucial to natural habitat protection.

Endfield's work has notably addressed the contentious practice of falconry in the UK, where endangered songbirds are targeted, igniting public debate on conservation efforts. He has also provided a critical lens on the UK's immigration policies through personal accounts from his time working at a Dutch asylum seekers center in the early 1990s, advocating for a more compassionate treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. As a blogger and environmental campaigner, he is recognized for his opposition to the industrial-scale development of wind farms in environmentally sensitive areas, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach to renewable energy.

His investigative pieces have brought to the forefront issues such as the unaddressed bat fatalities due to offshore wind farms and the mysterious mass die-off of crabs and lobsters in North East England. Through his articles, Endfield challenges the often unquestioned green credentials of wind energy, urging policymakers and the public to reevaluate the human impact on marine ecosystems and biodiversity. His commitment to environmental journalism continues to influence public opinion and policy, advocating for sustainable practices that do not compromise ecological integrity.

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As the British government spreads intolerance and xenophobia, please don’t accept their cruel and distorted narrative....


The agency set up to "improve the natural environment in Scotland" is sanctioning the mass destruction of nests and eggs of threatened species and the slaughter of baby chicks...


Ambitious plans to turn the North Sea into a giant offshore industrial zone mean that thousands of ‘protected’ gannets and gulls will be killed every year by wind turbines….


The UK’s plan to rapidly expand industrial wind farms around the coast will be at the expense of the environment and biodiversity...


Rare songbirds are being hunted for 'sport' in the English countryside...


“… is highly likely that large numbers of bats are being slaughtered by turbines offshore but nobody can collect the dead bodies at sea….”


Should nature be at the core of primary school education? I decided to ask the four nations of the UK for their policies on teaching children about the natural world....


2021: Hundreds of crabs and lobsters mysteriously wash up dead on beaches in North East England, against a backdrop of giant offshore wind turbines lining the horizon. Is there a connection?


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