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Ankara, Turkey

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Jasper Mortimer

I've been reporting for the English service of France24 TV since 2007, filing on Turkey, Syria and Cyprus.
I came to television from news agency writing, where details are very important. What I love about TV reporting is one has to step back from the facts of an event, and focus on the significance. 
In radio, I've freelanced for CBS, Cape Talk and RTE. 
I was born in London, raised in Johannesburg and trained by The Star newspaper. After travelling Africa and the Middle East, I lived in France, England and Egypt, where I worked for AP for nearly 10 years. 
I enjoy taking photographs, riding horses and swimming _ the annual race across the Bosphorus Strait.


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Three Islamic State group militants attacked Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, on June 28. A broadcast to France24 made outside the main entrance.


The death toll in the Kurdish insurgency rises week by week, but the government refuses to return to negotiations. Analysts say the fighting suits Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ambitions.



A four-minute commentary on Turkey and the Armenian issue for RTE World Report, 2013.

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