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Javed Rana

Islamabad, Pakistan
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About Javed
Javed Rana, carries over two decades of experience in print, online and television journalism. He has worked with many leading Pakistani and international newspapers and news channels before he started working as a freelance correspondent/producer/analyst and documentary maker for several international news channels including Russia Today, A News Turkish English Channel and Aljazeera network  among host of other international televisions and newspapers. He regularly appears on national and international news televisions as an analyst on legal, human rights, political, economic and geo-strategic and terrorism related issues.
Javed who is prolific writer, columnist, investigative journalist, a script writer and has produced, reported thousands of live events, news packages, numerous short and long documentaries, hosted talk shows and conducted interviews with high profile leaders on major events of political and strategic significance.
His in-depth reporting and analyses of political, economic and geo-strategic issues attracted international newspapers such as Los Angles Times, Khaleej Times, Arab News & many global Television news networks like Aljazeera, Arabic (2003-2007) over the course of two decades.
Javed carries a unique distinction to have developed an apt understanding of television and online journalism with deep down experimental knowledge of technicalities involved in videography and editing.
Javed is also a CEO/The Editor of The Digital Dispatch, an Investigative Multimedia Digital Magazine which reports and analyzes major political and geo-strategic and terrorism related happenings in South Asia and Middle East. The Digital Dispatch also provides production facilities, state of the art live streaming broadband infrastructure with green-screen background, He heads a syndicated network of journalists to gather information, footage, host talk shows, produce news packages, short and long documentaries on issues spreading across the region.
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Pakistan caught in the tug-of-war between the United States and China

01 Sep 2022  |  expresso.pt
The article discusses the complex political and defense dynamics in Pakistan following the NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, which contributed to the ousting of Prime Minister Imran Khan. It highlights the internal and external factors influencing Pakistan's future, including the role of the powerful Pakistani military and intelligence services (ISI) and the geopolitical tensions between the United States and China.

On Russia Today, JAVED RANA, a journalist & expert on political and geostrategic issues, counts factors on how the US policy to denuclearize defiant defecto nuclear states is miserably failing !

Russia Today's freelance correspondent JAVED RANA interviews Imran Khan, vying for the office of Pakistan's Prime Minister ahead of parliamentary elections on July 25,2018.

On RT, JAVED RANA, journalist & expert on geo-strategic affairs, explores factors behind President Donald Trump's sudden visit to a country, the 70 percent of which is being controlled by defiant Afghan Taliban.

Ongoing border tension between two nuclear armed neighbors in South Asia now seems to be trickling down deep into their entertainment world.

JAVED RANA reports & analyses for Channel News Asia about the hitherto untold grief and miseries of victim families of missing Pakistani citizens who have been in custody of Pakistani secret services without any trial or court proceedings for years under

Javed Rana's Showreel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KUeEeKvzjU

Afghanistan: Hasty Exit Leaves Heavy Legacy

18 Jul 2021  |  expresso.pt
On the night of July 3, there was an unexpected power failure at Bagram Air Base, the largest military base in Afghanistan, near the capital, Kabul. This occurred as the last batch of American troops was leaving Afghanistan, signaling a sense of insecurity in a country about to be retaken by the Taliban, who were overthrown by the United States 20 years ago. The discreet departure led to looting by Afghans living near the base of materials left behind. The Americans did not inform the Kabul-supported government to take command of the base, possibly fearing attacks from the Afghan security forces, which have been infiltrated by the Taliban and have killed over 150 NATO soldiers in recent years.

Afghanistan. Withdrawal without option opens doors to the return of the Taliban

24 Apr 2021  |  expresso.pt
The 20-year-long US war in Afghanistan is set to formally end with the withdrawal of all troops by September 11, a move largely dictated by the Taliban. The radical Islamist group, which the US ousted in 2001, now controls over 70% of the country and aims to return to power regardless of any agreements with NATO. The Western-backed government in Kabul is described as fragile, raising concerns about the future stability of Afghanistan.

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