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Jawad Rahimi

Solakrossen, Norway
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About Jawad
Jawad Rahimi is a journalist based in Sola, NORWY. 
In the last decade, I have collaborated with various media (only media that broadcast news and reports in Persian).
During the last 10 years, I have collaborated with various media in various positions. In this time frame, I have reflected the news of Afghanistan and Afghanistan's neighboring countries at the local and international level (Afghanistan) with an analytical look.
Due to the changing geography of work and life, I have now focused most of my time on learning new languages, learning about cultures and subcultures, and non-library studies.
However, my activity in the form of managerial positions and implementation of various educational and research projects in Afghanistan has ended.
But I'm still working with the international media.
I have also worked on training young journalists in large and small projects.
In addition, I have always tried to keep news and events from distracting me from human rights activities, but I have used this experience in line with human rights activities.
The human rights issues that I have focused on in Afghanistan have been the violation of women's rights, freedom of expression, and the development of religious radicalism given the traditional context of Afghanistan.
I also focused on the issue of human rights violations in Iran, the issue of executions and the violation of the rights of refugees by the Islamic Republic.
Persian (Farsi) Tajik
Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast) Vox Pop
Politics Film & Theatre War Reporter


نمونه کاری کوتاه از سال ها قبل


Important Things to Consider Before Car Wrecking

29 Apr 2020  |  National Car Parts & Car Removal
Discusses the practicality of selling unwanted scrap cars for parts or scrap, emphasizing the importance of choosing reliable car wreckers. Highlights the need for hassle-free customer support and warns against hidden charges. Provides considerations for selling a car, including maintenance costs, road safety, fuel efficiency, and warranty coverage.

Has the Afghan government taken the elections hostage in the peace process?

16 Apr 2019  |  euronews
Afghanistan has been embroiled in conflict for forty years, with the current challenge being the attainment of peace, especially with the Taliban. The U.S. is also seeking peace negotiations with the Taliban following the overthrow of their government in Kabul. The article discusses whether the Afghan National Unity Government is flexible in the peace process and if it is holding elections hostage to the process. It also explores the roles of various stakeholders, including the U.S. under President Donald Trump, Ashraf Ghani's government, and the Taliban, which is described as a militant group willing to engage in political negotiations. The influence of Pakistan and Iran in the Afghan peace process is also assessed, with Pakistan expected to play a positive role post-elections and Iran showing signs of cooperation with the Taliban.


Zhiela Shariat Panahi; Unity over commonalities while respecting differences

18 Sep 2018  |  euronews
The article features an interview with Zhiela Shariat Panahi, an Iranian Quran researcher and former presidential candidate, who discusses the current political and social climate in Iran. She emphasizes the importance of unity among reformists and concerned citizens to overcome the country's challenges, particularly in light of the heavy sanctions felt after the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement (JCPOA). Panahi also comments on the potential outcomes of the upcoming US elections and their impact on Iran's future, the role of the Guardian Council in the electoral process, and the need for civil society to play a positive role. She criticizes the Guardian Council's overreach and suggests that Iran should take advantage of the rift between the US and Europe by complying with the FATF to benefit economically.

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