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Jay Brodell

San José, Costa Rica
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About Jay
Jay Brodell is a journalist based in San José, Costa Rica.
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Fact Checking

Andrea Finds a Friend

14 Oct 2023  |  jbrodell.medium.com
Andrea, a drama student, takes a part-time job making phone calls for a cemetery's pre-need program. She meets Chase, her employer, and Al, a mysterious man who tends the graves. Despite initial apprehensions, Andrea excels at her job but eventually leaves for a better opportunity. Her interactions with Al provide her with comfort and a sense of companionship in an otherwise eerie setting.

Empires have a predictable flaw

10 Aug 2023  |  Medium
Jay Brodell draws parallels between the political conditions of the United States and Ancient Rome, focusing on currency erosion, the role of military forces in politics, and allegations of corruption among political leaders. He compares the Praetorian Guard's influence in Rome to the perceived influence of the FBI in the U.S. and suggests that the U.S. is facing similar challenges with indebtedness, misuse of funds, and political leaders prioritizing personal gain over wise legislation.

The feds demand a chunk of your profits with their taxation shell game

11 Aug 2021  |  jbrodell.medium.com
The article criticizes the U.S. capital gains tax as a levy on inflation, highlighting the lack of adjustment for inflation in tax law. It describes the tax as a silent partnership where the government profits from inflation caused by its spending. The author argues that the tax law, which does not index to inflation, results in property owners paying taxes on inflated values rather than actual gains. The article also notes that while capital losses are deductible, there are limitations, and massive federal spending is expected to increase inflation and, consequently, capital gains tax revenue.

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